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The Right Way to Provide Resource Management with Smartsheet 

6 min read What Is Resource Management?  Resource management entails planning, scheduling, and allocating people, technology, and money to a program or project. The overall goal is to divide organizational resources in such a way that they bring the most value to the business. When there is proper resource management, resources will be available at the right time […]

How To Implement Program Management Inside Smartsheet: The Basics

5 min read The Difference Between Project and Program Management Every business often undertakes different projects and programs. These are the baseline of the business existence. The two terms are often used interchangeably. That’s because their scope typically crisscrosses as program management and project management disciplines on the whole. An example of program management could be a long-term […]

PPM Express Digest: What’s New in October 2022?

2 min read Oh, the happy day has come! PPM Express now integrates the Smartsheet project portfolio management tool as it adds another feather to its cap.  The latest integration offers an ever-more versatile project management software that helps project managers and teams work in an easy-to-use and friendly atmosphere. Importing Smartsheet data and linking with PPM Express, the teams […]

How to Conduct Enterprise Project Portfolio Management with Smartsheet?

5 min read What Is Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM)? What is EPPM, you may wonder? Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, initialized as EPPM, entails converting an organization’s business strategy into a portfolio of projects and specific technical actions. When these projects are successfully executed, the organization ends up achieving its strategic objectives. An organization can tell that it […]

Make Better Decisions Faster with Portfolio Dashboards (+Smartsheet)

5 min read What Is Portfolio Management Dashboard? Portfolio managers have the responsibility of managing asset allocations. Portfolio management supports the executive level and general management of an organization in monitoring and controlling multiple projects. In contrast to the project management dashboard of an individual project, it summarizes key performance indicators of virtually all projects the organization is […]

How to Use Smartsheet and PPM Express for Better Project Management

4 min read How to Get Started with Smartsheet If you are trying to figure out how to get started with Smartsheet, you are at the right place for guidance. Here, we take you through how to use Smartsheet for project management. We will guide you on the relevant Smartsheet integration that simplifies your project management efforts. Before […]

Best Smartsheet Alternatives for Project Management in 2022

4 min read About Smartsheet as a Project Management Tool At some point, you must have worked on a project and will continue overseeing many others. The projects can range from complex organizational projects funded by a board of management to simple things that you would like to complete at a personal level. As you do so, the […]

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