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Maximize Your Team's Potential with Resource Management

Streamline resource allocation, manage workloads effectively, and ensure project success with our simple and intuitive resource management platform. Build engaged, balanced teams supported by automated workflows.

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PPM Express Resource Management
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Discover How Teams Use PPM Express
Project Manager

As a Project manager, you can build effective teams by:

  • Defining resource needs and task dependencies
  • Tracking team capacity and augmenting as needed
  • Optimizing resource utilization and scheduling
  • Recommending staff based on skills and availability

As an Executive, you can drive business performance by:

  • Gaining a holistic view of resource use for planning
  • Identifying resource gaps to direct operational priorities
  • Prioritizing efficient use of existing resources
  • Aligning resources with key company objectives
Resource Manager

As a Resource manager, you can optimize utilization by:

  • Forecasting project demand and skill needs
  • Increasing visibility into team capacity and limits
  • Managing workloads and making necessary adjustments
  • Maximizing automation in resource planning
Portfolio Manager

As a Portfolio manager, you can optimize workforce allocation by:

  • Prioritizing initiatives by ROI and resource needs
  • Adjusting resources with shifting business priorities
  • Balancing workloads and growth opportunities in the portfolio
  • Identifying and mitigating resource risks with contingency plans
PPM Express capacity planning and resource utilization
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Tailor PPM Express to Your Workflow
Follow these simple steps to configure PPM Express to match your unique resource management requirements perfectly.
Plan resources in PPM Express
PPM Express resource allocation
Resolve resource conflicts in PPM Express
Manage projects in PPM Express
track project progress and adjust resources in PPM Express
Step 1
Plan and prepare
Assess current resource capacity and capabilities. Identify project-specific resource needs. Establish a resource management plan.
Plan resources in PPM Express
Step 2
Allocate resources
Utilize PPM Express to assign tasks to resources. Consider resource availability, skill sets, and project dependencies. Monitor resource utilization and make adjustments as needed.
PPM Express resource allocation
Step 3
Address resource conflicts
Identify potential conflicts early on. Evaluate options to resolve conflicts, such as reallocating tasks or adjusting schedules. Communicate proactively with affected resources.
Resolve resource conflicts in PPM Express
Step 4
Manage project delivery
Begin actively managing your projects within the chosen project templates, utilizing the established workflows and tools to drive successful outcomes.
Manage projects in PPM Express
Step 5
Track progress and adjust
Monitor KPIs for resource utilization and productivity. Identify trends and patterns in resource performance. Use AI insights to improve allocation strategies and reduce project risks.
track project progress and adjust resources in PPM Express
Optimize Resourcing Strategies in One Place
Centralize capacity planning, utilization tracking, and scheduling workflows in a PPM Express, a unified resource management platform.
key features
Strategic Resource Management For Peak Performance
Capacity planning
Strategic resource allocation
Accurately forecast and plan your organizational resource needs with integrated demand analysis to strategically size your teams.
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Capacity planning in PPM Express
Resource management
Optimal team utilization
Ensure your teams are sized, skilled, and leveraged optimally by managing resource allocation, utilization tracking, capacity modeling, and workload balancing.
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PPM Express complex resource management
Financial management
Optimizing resource spending
Track resource costs and identify opportunities to optimize resource utilization and reduce project expenses.
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financial management of resources
AI-enhanced insights
Smart resource planning
Enable intelligent resource allocation with AI-generated forecasts, capacity modeling, and data-backed assignment recommendations.
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AI insights in resource management thanks to PPM Express
Performance insights
Real-time reporting
Generate comprehensive reports and analytics on resource utilization, skills, and performance to inform strategic planning and resource management decisions.
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resource performance monitoring in PPM Express
Skills management
Aligning talent to initiatives
Manage your changing resource skills profiles and identify the right capabilities fit for both current and upcoming strategic projects.
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skill management in PPM Express
What Our Customers Say
With PPM Express our customers have a clear view of what is my next key date and my next milestone, and with active automated alerts on key dates approaching we make them more aware continuously looking at what’s next.
Marc de Graaf
Head of PMO I Codeless
PPM Express seamlessly integrates with MS Teams and enables our students with an easy way to collaborate and learn the Project Management course.
Dr. Karim Ahmed
Coventry University
We implemented and used PPM Express as our Portfolio Management Platform. The reports and Dashboards provide valuable consolidated information at different levels, and the beauty of this is that it’s just connecting information we already have and getting all the possible value from it.
Paola Bobbio
Senior Project Manager I invatron
With PPM Express, our company saves up to 60% of the time on reporting, project and resource planning.
Martijn Schasfoort
Maxima M.C.
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PPM Express as a resource management tool
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Start With Resource Management
Resource Management
Minimize the time it takes to match project requirements with available resources, avoiding overallocation and conflicts.
  • Manage resource capacity and skills
  • Plan resource allocation on projects
  • Minimize and resolve resource conflicts
  • Unlimited project management
  • Use 200+ Microsoft Power BI reports
  • Unlimited Program Management
  • Unlimited Portfolio Management
  • Resource Planning and Utilization
  • Unlimited Time-tracking
  • Integrations including Azure DevOps, Jira, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project,, Smartsheet  
  • API, Zappier and Power Automate Connector
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per month
*included with Enterprise Plan
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Access More Features of PPM Express
Integrated PPM
Seamlessly integrate project and portfolio management into your workflow, enabling cohesive planning and execution.
Work Management
Elevate your workflow management with a centralized platform that streamlines tasks, projects, and processes, eliminating silos and fostering seamless collaboration.
PPM Reports
Generate comprehensive reports and analytics to gain insights into project performance and make data-driven decisions.
Ideation&Innovation Management
Foster a culture of innovation by capturing and managing new ideas and seamlessly integrating them into your project pipeline.
Portfolio Prioritization
Strategically prioritize projects within your portfolio based on business objectives, resource availability, and potential ROI.
Get Answers to Your Questions
What is resource management, and why is it important?
Resource management organizes labor capacity to meet project demands through optimal allocation, ensuring teams are appropriately skilled and workloads are balanced.
What is PPM Express?
PPM Express is an AI-powered project portfolio management platform designed to help teams plan, execute, and manage projects, portfolios, and resources more effectively.
Can PPM Express scale to my team sizes?
Yes, PPM Express delivers customized resource management for teams of all sizes, offering flexible plans and extensive features.
Can PPM Express handle resources across multiple projects?
Without a doubt. PPM Express gives total visibility into resources allocated across your portfolio of projects.
How can AI improve resource planning?
AI provides data-driven forecasts, allocation recommendations, and risk identification - optimizing resource utilization.
How does PPM Express safeguard my data?
PPM Express prioritizes your data's integrity and confidentiality by implementing robust security protocols, ensuring that your information remains secure and accessible only to authorized personnel.
How can I experience PPM Express before subscribing?
Take advantage of our free trial to experience PPM Express's unparalleled project management capabilities firsthand.
Does PPM Express link resources to budgets?
Absolutely - financial resource costs and project ROI impacts from allocation changes are all connected for optimization.
Say Goodbye to Resource Chaos
Regain control over resource forecasting, allocation, and performance management in PPM Express, your “one-for-everything” tool.
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