PPM Express vs OnePlan. Looking for OnePlan Alternatives?

Why go with PPM Express vs OnePlan? Is the PPM Express a solid OnePlan alternative?

See how PPM Express, cloud-based software for an Integrated PPM (Integrated Project Portfolio Management) stacks up against OnePlan.

PPM Express vs OnePlan

OnePlan is a Project Portfolio Management solution for the Microsoft platform and is one of the PPM Express alternatives on the market.


First, we’d like to give a quick nod to the team at OnePlan for building a great product to help businesses. If you’re here to evaluate PPM Express vs. OnePlan or are in search of OnePlan alternatives, then you’re already doing the right thing by looking for a product that will help improve your project portfolio management processes.


So, what’s the difference between PPM Express and OnePlan?


There are various features and product differences that set the two companies apart, but PPM Express is different for three reasons:


From our point of view – OnePlan is a very advanced, enterprise-scale, “Traditional” Heavy-weight PPM software – competing with Planview, Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Project Server, or Primavera.


While these software products provide an advanced level of settings, flexibility, and configuration, they are incredibly complex. That complexity comes at a high price—a team of consultants must dedicate hundreds of hours configuring and customizing OnePlan.


The founding team at PPM Express has been implementing Microsoft Project Server & Microsoft Project Online for Fortune 500 companies for the last decade. We believe that such heavy-weight platforms are an excellent fit for some large organizations but require significant investments and support and, in the long term – impact adoption and use of the software for an entire organization.


Now it is the epoch of modern tools like Monday.com, Asana, SmartSheet. At PPM Express, we are proud to be a member of the new generation of productivity software.


Our entirely different approach based on three main principles:


  • Easy to deploy (ready instantly, no consultants needed)
  • Easy to integrate (Integrate your existing project management tools, including Office 365 and Power Platform)
  • Easy to use (new, modern, lightweight user interface, and easy configuration approach)


If you are open for the new and better and simpler ways of working with PPM – deploying, DIY configuration, and ease of use – PPM Express is a solid choice.


OnePlan is an advanced PPM solution. But flexibility requires very complex UI – lots of grids, filters, dropdowns, right-click menus. It’s fair to say that the OnePlan team has built a powerful but complex solution over the last 5+ years.

Where PPM Express is different—it is a lightweight PPM Software, running on secure Microsoft Azure and it is:

  • Instantly ready-to-use.
  • Does not need any up-front configuration.
  • Can be tuned-up any time along the way.


You don’t have to be a consultant to make configuration changes. With our simple configuration UI, any user with permissions can create a configuration change or build a new project template – indeed the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY PPM) approach.


We are proud of how easy and intuitive it is to use PPM Express and no consultants required.


PPM Express provides new way for organizations realize value faster, see results more quickly, get better ROI, and protect existing investments in other software apps.

Project Portfolio Management Software- Integrated Portfolio Visibility View


The only cost you face to implement PPM Express Enterprise  is a license cost, starting $7,995 (price depends on the number of seats only; PPM Express provides unlimited seat plans as well).


In contrast, several companies indicated total implementation cost for OnePlan is significantly higher as compared to PPM Express (the hefty price tag of OnePlan is due to a need to purchase several weeks of Implementation Consulting).


We strongly believe that paying tens of thousands of dollars for consulting services to configure a PPM is an outdated and unfair practice that benefits vendors, not customers and we do not utilize this tactic.


We believe that product need to be SIMPLE and EASY TO IMPLEMENT without consultants.

We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge and to all of our customers we offer:


  • Complimentary End-user Training
  • Complimentary Administrator Training
  • Complimentary Implementation Advisory
  • Complimentary PPM Health checks every 90 days



  • We are at least 2 times more cost effective for organizations than OnePlan. Send us a quote and we will beat it.


  • You do not need consultants to deploy and implements PPM Express – you can do it youself.


  • PPM Express is incredibly user friendly and easy to use


  • While we might miss some more advanced and rate features in PPM Express, we are working hard adding them – like “what-if” analysis for planning projects and resources. 



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When it comes to OnePlan alternatives, PPM Express is #1

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