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Project Portfolio Management & Visibility

Connect to Azure DevOps, Jira Software, Office 365 Planner, Microsoft Project Online and gain high-level portfolio visibility and real-time insights into all your work to make smarter decisions, faster.


Portfolio Visiblity

View all work in the enterprise. Track statuses and keep everyone aligned and focused on reaching team and company goals.

Aligned with Priorities

Prioritize projects, allocate resources and gain visibility into the progress of work across teams and departments.

Manage Ideas and Requests

Ideation process makes it easy to request new projects and submit ideas and collect all the details your team needs.

Project Management for Teams

PPM Express is a modern platform for work, project and enterprise portfolio management, powered by AI and machine learning to boost your team productivity.


Project Management

Improve collaboration across teams and tools with a workspace for all projects, programs and plans.

Task Management

Create plans that show you how the pieces of your projects align, and help you keep teams on track.

Control and Focus

Stay focused on those projects, deadlines and daily tasks that are important and help grow business.

ML-Powered Portfolio Health Monitoring

With machine learning models forecasting project statuses and detecting anomalies and problems, teams have an action plan to proactively address issues before they become critical, to reduce risk and avoid “green-green-green-red” scenarios.


Artificial Intelligence

Don’t waste time on manual project monitoring – let AI do it for you. Receive objective project statuses and reduce risks.

Increased Productivity

Stop your team from wasting hundreds of hours on monitoring projects and spend more time on strategic tasks.

Proactive Work Style

View and proactively resolve all the issues and problems identified by the AI as well as all overdue and upcoming work and deadlines.

Intelligent Project and Portfolio Management

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Better Control for PMO

Manage Agile, Waterfall & Hybrid Projects Together



In complex projects, often more than one methodology is used – Agile, Modern and Waterfall. With PPM Express, companies manage hybrid projects and benefit from using all enterprise project and portfolio management techniques and capabilities.

Define Project Management Framework



With multiple tools in place, organizations lack a unified approach to portfolio reporting and control. Define project management framework in PPM Express, critical for effective project execution, control, and monitoring.

Control Upcoming Project Pipeline 



Collect, share, screen, evaluate and select the best ideas, boost employee engagement with an modern and collaborative idea management software that provides a structured approach to idea submission, selection and strategic prioritization.

Control Project Financials



Create and manage budgets, forecasts, actual costs for projects and portfolios with advanced project financial management module that helps control project budget effectively.

Track Time on Investments



Track and analyze time spent on delivering projects with PPM Express Time – an automated time tracking system that will create work time reports based on work that’s been done in software you use.

Enable Executive Team With Analytics & Data



Use over 50 Power BI reports to analyze resources, portfolios, and projects. Enable the executive team and project stakeholders with all the data they need to make effective decisions and avoid bottlenecks.

Work and Task Management


Plan and structure work in a way that is best for you. Set priorities and deadlines. Share details and assign tasks. All in one place.

Project Portfolio Management Software for Smart Teams

Be Aligned,  Focus on Strategy, Control Execution and Delivery


See the “big picture” across projects, portfolios, and teams


Blend delivery methodologies while having everything under control


Receive notifications on project issues to make timely corrective actions


Utilize business intelligence and visualization with 50+ Power BI reports to make decisions faster


Connect strategic priorities to execution and turn your investment into synergistic value


Build the culture of innovation: support and advance best ideas to stay competitive

Know and Trust Your Projects Status

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Project portfolio management software


Project portfolio management software


Value That Drive Business Forward

Project portfolio management system
Full Visibility

Our project portfolio management software gives complete portfolio visibility across projects and instant access to fresh portfolio data with actionable insights – all in one place.

Project portfolio management system
Protect Investments

Do not replace your existing PM or PPM tools. Instead, connect to them, integrate all the needed portfolio information, and finally see all your projects in one place.

Project portfolio management system
Transparent Reporting

PPM Express provides you with flexible portfolio management tools for effective status reporting and management accessible for all your team members.

Project portfolio management system

Unlike other PPM solutions, PPM Express includes technical support and data backups, so you don't have to spend any time managing environments.

Project portfolio management system
Ready to Use

PPM Express is a ready-to-use, cloud-based PPM solution that requires no or very little configuration so that you can start using the system in 15 minutes.

Project portfolio management system
Advanced Customizations

PPM Express is a flexible, highly customizable project portfolio tool that will make your project and portfolio management experience easy and effective.

Project portfolio management system
Cost Management

Our PPM platform enables you with powerful cost management and budgeting tools so that you always know where your money goes.

Project portfolio management system

PPM Express has editions for businesses of any size and level of maturity. Whether you are making your first steps in portfolio management or you have established PPM framework, PPM Express is the right tool for you.

Project portfolio management software
PPM Capabilities

We implement PPM solutions for small, medium and large organizations since 2009. PPM Express built using all our experience and the best practices for PPM implementations.

What Our Users Say

Paoula Bobbio, Senior Project Manager

We were looking for a solution to integrate multiple Microsoft Planner projects in one consolidated view to help with Resource Allocation, and we found PPM Express. A tool that integrates MS Planner, uses the data and through Power BI provides great analytics.

We are currently using PPM as our Portfolio Management Platform. The reports and Dashboards provide valuable consolidated information at different levels, and the beauty of this is that it’s just connecting information we already have and getting all the possible value from it.

The Support Team is very effective, they appreciate the feedback, and they always try to accommodate customer’s requests. The service quality is exceptional.

Martijn Schasfoort, Manager

As manager of Health and Information Technology in an hospital, i’m responsible for maintenance of IT, medical technology and medical informatics. The three domains are indissoluble of each other. This increases complexity of running daily activities and performing in hospital wide programs and department-like projects.

In PPM Express I found an accessible tool for creating insight of indicators on performance of programs and projects. This tool gives me the possibility to deliberate with hospital staff on prioritization and planning. integrating with the Microsoft platforms and tools is an big plus.