PPM Express


PPM for Everyone

PPM Express enables organizations of any sizes with portfolio visibility, transparency, and connectivity, it is easy-to-use and affordable regardless of the size and nature of the business.

Freedom of Choice

Do your teams use Microsoft Planner or Atlassian JIRA to manage their work? Integrate them with PPM Express to have instant insights into the progress of your teams.

Easy Status Management

View statuses and progress of all your projects and portfolios in one place. Extremely easy interface for Project managers to update project status, budgets, risks & issues, milestones, and releases.

Transform Your Business

Improve your business processes by implementing portfolio management and get access to valuable insights into the overall performance of your project delivery organization.

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Available Connectors

Microsoft Planner

Atlassian JIRA

Visual Studio Team Services


Microsoft Project Online








Platform Features

PPM Express enables organizations with portfolio management capabilities and powerful reporting on projects and portfolios.



The platform connects with major work and project management systems such as Microsoft Office 365 Planner, Atlassian JIRA and others enabling the integrated company-wide project and portfolio management.

Implement budgeting and better cost management – increase accountability, improve the accuracy of planning and execution of projects.



Receive status updates on all projects and portfolios, on time and in one place.



Manage and get the full visibility on project risks, track issues on all your projects easily with PPM Express interactive reports and dashboards.


Use over 20 ready-to-use Power BI reports for powerful insights, data analysis, and project reporting.

Create detailed portfolio release plans to make sure all projects in your portfolio are released on time.

Analyze your resource utilization and availability in one place with the help of powerful resource reports.


Why PPM Express

Best Practices Only

We implement PPM for small, medium and large organizations since 2009. PPM Express built using all our experience and the best practices for PPM implementations.

Full Visibility

Get the complete portfolio visibility across your project and instant access to fresh portfolio data and actionable insights – all in one place.

Cost Visibility

The platform enables you with powerful cost management and budgeting tools so that you always know where your money goes.

Transparent Reporting

PPM Express provides you with flexible tools for effective status reporting and management accessible for all your team members.

Modern User Experience

Due to its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, you and your teams will enjoy using PPM Express for daily project and portfolio management and reporting.

Advanced Customizations

PPM Express is a flexible, highly customizable tool that will make your project and portfolio management experience easy and effective.

Ready to Use

PPM Express is a ready-to-use, cloud-based PPM solution that requires no or very little configuration so that you can start using the system in 15 minutes.


PPM Express has free edition to use for everyone who users Jira or Microsoft Project Online. There is a premium edition of the platform with more features and connectors available.


PPM Express includes technical support and data backups, so you don't have to spend any time managing environments.

PPM Express is FREE. Start your PPM journey now!



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100 projects
One connector (JIRA or Office 365 Planner)
5 Users


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