The All-In-One Project Portfolio and Digital Product Management at Scale

Before PPM Express: Projects scattered over multiple tools, no portfolios defined, it’s hard to see where things stand, no resource planning, everything is manual, and everyone is stressed.

With PPM Express: Project Portfolio Management Framework is Defined, Programs and Projects well-organized, Resource Plnanning and Capacity Planning are standard practices, everything is prioritized, aligned and well orchestrated, teams are on top of things, the current progress and what’s next is 100% clear.

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Project Portfolio Management Timeline

One place, not all over the place: Integrate ALL Tools

PPM Express™ connects and integrates all your product-related work managed in agile and modern project management tools, all your workstreams, initiatives, projects and epics across Azure DevOps Boards, Jira Software, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project and into a single view.

Let your teams use tools they love and use every day and protect existing investments!

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Integrated Project Portfolio Management



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Integrate All WorkStreams and Projects In One Platform

You’re far more productive when you can integrate and orchestrate all your existing projects across Microsoft Planner, Azure DevOps, Jira Software and Microsoft Project Online into one Online Project Portfolio Management Software. Get the “Big Picture View”, establish the portfolio visibility, increase transparency, clarity and more control.

Your Favorite Project Management Tools, Thoughtfully Connected

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Focus on What Matters : Manage Projects, Programs and Product Backlogs

When you need to view backlog of epics and features for your project in Azure DevOps or Jira, or view tasks from your Microsoft Planner plan or Microsoft Project Online – PPM Express™ delivers it all, instantly.

All Backlogs – Epics, Features, User Stories, Sprints and Tasks – one click away

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Visualize Product Strategy

Create product roadmaps, strategic roadmaps, roadmaps for Program Increments and roadmaps for releases.

Interactive, Beautiful and Boardroom Ready.

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Configure Your Project Portfolio Management Workflow

Our “DNA” is different – PPM Express™ is instantly available, integrates in minutes, and easy to configure and use. Our customers love the “I-Want-To-Do-It-Myself” approach and after training become self-reliant and save weeks of the implementation time.

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AI for Project Monitoring: Remove the Noise

Our AI / Machine Learning for project portfolio management forecasts project statuses, continuously detects anomalies, variances and problems in workstreams and projects. Now, Project Managers and Portfolio Managers instantly receive signals and can address project issues and reduce project risks proactively.

No More Late Project “Surprises” and Green-Green-Green–Red Situations.

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Ensure the Efficient Resource Planning
and Utilization

Our Project Portfolio Management software helps plan new projects, manage resource utilization, find available resources when they are needed the most. Reduce risks by eliminating work overloads and burn-outs with elegant and powerful resource management software.

Build resource plans for all projects and effectively manage utilization.

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Companies Change for Better With PPM Express

With PPM Express our customers have a clear view of what is my next key date and my next milestone, and with active automated alerts on key dates approaching we make them more aware continuously looking at what’s next.

Marc de Graaf Head of PMO

“PPM Express seamlessly integrates with MS Teams and enables our students with easy way to collaborate and learn the Project Management course.”

Dr. Karim Ahmed Coventry University

We implemented and used PPM Express as our Portfolio Management Platform. The reports and Dashboards provide valuable consolidated information at different levels, and the beauty of this is that it’s just connecting information we already have and getting all the possible value from it.

Paola Bobbio Senior Project Manager

With PPM Express, our company saves up to 60% of the time on reporting, project and resource planning.

Martijn Schasfoort Maxima M.C.

PPM Express offers you

Get Single Source Of Truth
Allocate Resources Effectively
Prioritize and Align Work
Gain New Insights
Maximize Team Productivity
Support Decisions with Data

Take the next step – growing is changing

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One-on-one training, Implementation, and a helping hand whenever you need it

PPM Express™ Customer Success Commitment is a set of promises to you. Across value, service, and trust, these promises guarantee that you’ll always be able to get what you need, when you need it.

Easy Subscription Management
Maximum Value for Lowest Price Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee
2 Year Price Guarantee
Instantly Available
Fastest Implementation in Industry
Continuous Implementation Support
Free Online Training and Support
Accessible Hands-on Training
Always-on Chat Support
Accelerated Onboarding
Security and Trust
Security-driven Design
You Own Your Data
Multiple Data Center Locations
Uptime is highest priority
Expert Delivery

Position Your Organization For The Future With Better Project Portfolio Management, Actionable Insights and Alignment to Strategy and Objectives

Excel in Project Portfolio Management.

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    Software for Project Portfolio Management, Project Management and Strategic Prioritization for Modern Teams

    Be Aligned with Strategic Objectives, Focus on Strategy, Control Execution and Delivery


    View the “big picture” of your projects, portfolios, and teams from a single dashboard.


    Blend delivery methodologies while keeping your tasks under control with PPM Express™.


    View the “big picture” of your projects, portfolios, and teams from a single dashboard.


    Utilize PPM Business Intelligence and visualization with 50+ Power BI reports for faster decisions making.


    Connect strategic priorities to execution and turn your investment into synergistic value to stay ahead of competition.


    Build the culture of innovation: Support and advance your best ideas to stay competitive

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