PPM Reports and Dashboards

With PPM software deployed, you have a large amount of data about projects, portfolios, resources, risks and issues.


Empower  your Leaders with powerful and detailed PPM Reports and Dashboards.

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PPM Express Project Portfolio Status Report

Make Better Decisions, Supported by Data

Comprehensive Reporting

Get better understanding of how your projects and portfolios progress, where the bottlenecks are, how your resources perform and how they are currently loaded with PPM reports and dashboards.

Real-Time Data

Forget being worried if your data is up to date. All PPM Express reports are updated with fresh data several times a day, so you will be aware of all aspects of your PMO performance.

Better Decisions

Implement data driven decision making in your organization by utilizing our detailed and visually rich reports, created by highly experienced PPM professionals.

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Enterprise Portfolio Reports 



This is a set of reports that shows the performance, statuses, financial analysis, timelines for all the portfolios in the organization.

Project Reports & Dashboards



PPM Express reporting suite includes a set of reports provides complete overview of all project statuses, including risks, issues and milestones, as well as information about project financials.

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Portfolio Analytics



This group of reports provides deeper view of project portfolio statuses, as well as the ‘big picture’ of all projects in the portfolio, financial analytics and budgeting information.

Program Reports



PPM Express allows to report on projects and all project details like epics, stories, features, tasks directly from integrated systems, and provides detailed reports based on this information.

Resource Management



Detailed set of reports about assignments, tasks, resource utilization and resource governance for your resource pool.