Integrated Portfolio Management
for Microsoft Project Online

“True Big Picture” view of all projects, seamlessly integrated with your existing project management tools like Azure DevOps, Microsoft Planner and Atlassian Jira.



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We helped hundreds of Project Online customers with Integrated Portfolio Management

Protect Existing Investments. Connect, Do Not Replace

Integrate with Microsoft Project Online, Azure DevOps, Jira and Planner



Connect projects in Project Online, plans in Microsoft Planner, Boards in Azure DevOps and Jira to the PPM Express and get a portfolio view of all plans, work, teams.

Easy to Deploy. Pain Free.


Save tens of thousands of dollars on implementation, deployment, consulting and integration of custom-built solutions. PPM Express is instantly ready for you, in minutes.

Maximize ROI from Existing Tools


Let your teams keep using their favorite toys. There is no need to switch from Azure DevOps, Jira or Planner or migrate data.

PPM Express - Resource utilization Chart, Project Portfolio Resource Planning

Easy Resource Planning


Create resource plans for projects, across tools and monitor utilization for teams

Consolidated Reporting

Use over 70 state-of-the-art Microsoft Power BI reports. Project Status Reports, Portfolio Reports, Risk Registers, Issues, Financial Reports, Resource Utilization – you name it.

Executive Project Portfolio Reporting with Microsoft Power BI
PPM Express in Microsoft Teams

Integrated with Microsoft Teams


Use PPM Express App for Microsoft Teams to work with your projects, update statuses and plan resources right from the Microsoft Teams app.

Easy to Deploy. Easy to Integrate. Easy to Use.

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PPM Express – Integrated Portfolio Management for Microsoft Project Online

Office 365 Planner Integration

Get 360 degree view across your Microsoft Planner plans.  Extend with high-level project information, statuses and resource plans, all in PPM Express. .

Scale your project management process without moving from Planner.

Powerful Reporting

Make right decisions, faster with detailed Power BI reports.  Monitor progress of your plans, track statuses and priorities, analyze your project budgets and costs.

Add more control and visibility to the Office 365 Planner!

Other tools?

Tracking projects in other tools as well? PPM Express supports multiple integrations –  Jira, Microsoft Project Online, Azure DevOps etc.


View all your projects at a glance!


Scale your Project Management with PPM EXPRESS

Project portfolio management tools
Transform Your Business

Using Planner for project management? Transform this process with portfolio management practices, benefit from business intelligence and analytics to make decisions faster.

Project portfolio management tools
Manage Delivery

View and manage statuses and progress of all your plans and boards in one place. No more requests for status updates or risk estimations from project managers.

Project portfolio management software
Gain Visibility

Establish portfolio visibility across all Planner projects, no matter how many of them you have. Integrate your existing plans to PPM Express and see the bigger picture.

Project portfolio management tools

Take project management process in Microsoft Planner to the next level. Enjoy unified status reports, standardized project configuration and project details.