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How to Test a Product Before Launch: Everything You Need to Start

8 min read In a dimly lit startup office, Sarah, a passionate entrepreneur, cradled a prototype of her team’s latest creation. Their product launch was imminent, but doubt lingered in the air. Were they ready? As Sarah embarked on a quest to validate their innovation, she discovered the art of testing a product before launch. Join us as […]

How Can You Create A Product Vision? Easy 8 Steps

9 min read Creating a great product vision is crucial in building a successful business. But what is it, and how do you make one?  Our article will show you how. In just 8 simple steps, we’ll help you understand a product vision and how to create one that will inspire your team and attract customers. This guide […]

What Is Product Life Cycle Management? The Ultimate Guide

22 min read Successful product management is about more than just creating innovative ideas and bringing them to market. It’s about understanding and optimizing the entire lifespan of a product.  This is where product life cycle management (PLM) comes into play. PLM is the strategic process that empowers organizations to develop, launch, and maintain their products efficiently from […]

How to Collect Customer Feedback and What to Do With It?

11 min read In today’s customer-centric business landscape, one thing remains clear: customer feedback is an invaluable goldmine of insights.  From enhancing products and services to refining the overall customer experience, feedback has the power to shape the very foundation of a business’s success.  However, collecting and effectively leveraging this feedback is more complex. It requires a strategic […]

What is a Product Backlog, and How Can You Manage One Effectively?

10 min read A well-managed product backlog is a North Star, guiding teams to success in modern product development during the whole product life cycle.  But what exactly is a product backlog? It’s more than a simple list – it’s a dynamic roadmap that fuels innovation and growth. This article is your guide to understanding and mastering the […]

A Guide to Navigating the Future of Winning Products: How to Create a Product Portfolio Roadmap

11 min read In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, organizations need a strategic approach to managing their product offerings effectively. A product portfolio roadmap is a crucial tool that helps companies visualize and plan the development and evolution of their products over time.  It enables businesses to align their product strategies with their overarching goals, streamline decision-making processes, […]

Building Roadmaps for

5 min read What do you think, what is a Roadmap?  A Roadmap is a self-explanatory concept. Project managers that use need a roadmap to achieve business goals. Roadmaps help you visualize how your project or products should turn out over time, provided everything works according to plan.   So, in essence, it’s strategic planning outlining the path […]

Outcome-based Product Roadmaps

4 min read Why roadmaps?  A product roadmap is your strategy for organizing your product development, outlining what you plan to do to achieve your business goals.  Roadmaps:  Deliver transparency – both internally and to the customers.  Facilitate the sharing of information between stakeholders.  Link strategy with ‘how’.  Provide focus on outcomes and results.  There are several types […]

What Is Product Management? | PPM Express Guide

4 min read Even experienced business people often ask, “What is product management?” Product management covers a broad range of responsibilities, and the discipline can mean many things to different companies. The brief explanation – “Product Management is the process and strategy of managing the planning, development, marketing, product launch, and support of multiple products in a company.”  Let us […]

The Key Success Factor For Product Roadmaps: Collaboration

5 min read Product roadmaps provide a visual representation of where a company’s product is heading. They are probably the most visible contribution to the product team. Roadmaps are not only the responsibility of product managers; they need to account for the opinions of many stakeholders, who often do not get to be included in the final product. […]

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