Product Management

Outcome-based Product Roadmaps

4 min read Why roadmaps?  A product roadmap is your strategy for organizing your product development, outlining what you plan to do to achieve your business goals.  Roadmaps:  Deliver transparency – both internally and to the customers.  Facilitate the sharing of information between stakeholders.  Link strategy with ‘how’.  Provide focus on outcomes and results.  There are several types […]

What is a Product Portfolio Roadmap?

2 min read It is challenging to manage multiple product lines and products within product lines. Product management teams must keep track of dependencies and dates, and need to ensure that their products are aligned with enterprise-strategic objectives.  This is might be done through portfolio roadmaps. Portfolio roadmaps are visual strategy representations across multiple products and product lines. Generally, teams […]

Common Product Backlog Management Issues 

3 min read A product backlog organization can be a powerful tool that allows you to quickly capture, revise and direct the work and efforts of your development team. But it can be challenging to use a backlog effectively.  This article will help you identify and correct common product backlog organization issues.  The product backlog is a Wish List  […]

What is Product Management? | PPM Express Guide

4 min read Even experienced business people often ask, “What is product management?” Product management covers a broad range of responsibilities, and the discipline can mean many different things to different companies. The brief explanation - “Product Management is the process and strategy of managing the planning, development, marketing, product launch, support of multiple products in a company.”  Let us explore […]

The key success factor for product roadmaps: Collaboration

5 min read Product roadmaps provide a visual representation of where a company’s product is heading. They are probably the most visible contribution to the product team. Roadmaps are not only the responsibility of product managers; they need to account for the opinions of many stakeholders who often do not get to be included in the final product. […]

Importance of Strategic Alignment and Prioritization in Portfolio Management

5 min read Strategic Alignment of Portfolios Strategic alignment allows organizations to prioritize suitable initiatives that eventually help them achieve long-term goals in an organized manner while following the right direction and utilizing the organizational resources as per the strategic priorities. It is the process where the initiatives must be aligned with the organization’s vision and business strategy. […]

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