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What is a Product Backlog, and How Can You Manage One Effectively?

10 min read A well-managed product backlog is a North Star, guiding teams to success in modern product development during the whole product life cycle.  But what exactly is a product backlog? It’s more than a simple list – it’s a dynamic roadmap that fuels innovation and growth. This article is your guide to understanding and mastering the […]

How To Implement Lean Portfolio Management: The Guide Based on SAFe 6.0

16 min read 91% of organizations state that adopting Agile is a strategic priority. The need to balance speed, flexibility, and efficiency in delivering products and services has led many enterprises to adopt agile methodologies. However, while Agile frameworks have proven effective at the team level, scaling these practices across larger organizations remains a significant challenge. This is […]

The Ultimate List of 20 Best AI Work Management Tools

19 min read The AI market will reach $1.81 trillion by 2030. With the rise of artificial intelligence, work management has taken a giant leap forward, revolutionizing how tasks are organized, executed, and monitored.  Harnessing the power of AI, professionals can now accomplish more in less time, with enhanced accuracy and efficiency. There are many options to choose […]

The Future of PPM: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Project Portfolio Management

15 min read Welcome to the future of project and portfolio management, where artificial intelligence revolutionizes how organizations strategize, plan, and execute their initiatives.  Projects can now adapt to changes with unprecedented fluidity; portfolio optimization has become more streamlined, and decision-making is increasingly data-driven. With the value of the AI industry expected to surge to nearly $300 billion […]

What Are The Differences Between a Project and a Program: A Comparative Study

11 min read Are you struggling to distinguish between the concepts of “project” and “program” in your organization? Confusion surrounding these terms can lead to inefficient management and hinder the successful implementation of your strategic goals.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will clearly define projects and programs, highlighting their unique characteristics and revealing […]

Exploring Jira Integrations: Enhancing Functionality and Collaboration Across Teams

13 min read Are you struggling to manage projects efficiently and improve collaboration within your team just using Jira?  You’re not alone.  Many organizations face similar challenges as Jira’s native features sometimes fall short of addressing the unique and diverse needs of today’s fast-paced teams.  The true potential of Jira lies in its ability to integrate with a […]

Top 7 Best Project Management Practices for Microsoft Project Online

9 min read Project Online is a cloud-based service that offers Microsoft’s rich set of project portfolio management (PPM) capabilities within the convenience of the Office 365 cloud infrastructure. This article explores 7 simple ways to make the most of your MS Project Online experience. Why choose MS Project Online in 2024? As cloud-based PPM software, Microsoft Project […]

How to Avoid Key Mistakes While Managing Backlogs with Azure Boards [Checklist inside]

13 min read Azure DevOps Boards is a cloud service provider that enables everyone to develop software in a collaborative project mode, discuss projects and work on them together. It offers various capabilities, including integrated reporting, calendar views, customizable dashboards, and native support for Agile, Scrum, and Kanban processes. This product also provides comprehensive customized functionality of backlogs. […]

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