Project portfolio management

How To Implement Lean Portfolio Management: The Guide Based on SAFe 6.0

16 min read 91% of organizations state that adopting Agile is a strategic priority. The need to balance speed, flexibility, and efficiency in delivering products and services has led many enterprises to adopt agile methodologies. However, while Agile frameworks have proven effective at the team level, scaling these practices across larger organizations remains a significant challenge. This is […]

From BigPicture to Beyond: A Guide to Choosing the Right PPM Tool for Your Jira Workflow

11 min read With teams working across various domains and industries, the need for robust project portfolio management tools has never been greater.  Among the popular choices, Atlassian’s Jira has emerged as a dominant force in project tracking and collaboration.  However, as projects grow in complexity and scale, organizations often find themselves seeking additional functionality and flexibility to […]

Navigating the Storm: Top 10 Effective Project Portfolio Management Strategies for Recessions

10 min read In times of economic uncertainty, businesses often encounter stormy waters.  Contractions bring unique challenges that can threaten an organization’s stability and growth.  However, in the face of adversity, project portfolio management can serve as a guiding compass, helping businesses weather the storm and emerge stronger than before. The right PPM strategies can help businesses identify […]

Unlocking Success: 10 Ways Startups Can Grow Rapidly with Project Portfolio Management

15 min read Are you a startup owner looking to accelerate your company’s growth and outpace the competition?  Just imagine the impact of having a clear, strategic roadmap that guides your team to prioritize projects, optimize resources, and drive results.  It’s all about project portfolio management. This is the secret ingredient that can fuel your company’s rapid growth […]

Automated portfolio reporting in Microsoft Project Desktop: Best Practices [+150 Prepared BI Dashboards]

14 min read Almost 36% of organizations use business process management software for workflow automation, while 50% of business leaders plan to automate more repetitive tasks. Imagine a world where effortlessly tracking and analyzing project portfolios, gaining valuable insights at your fingertips, becomes a reality. Say goodbye to manual data manipulation and time-consuming report generation.  When unlocking the […]

The Future of PPM: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Project Portfolio Management

15 min read Welcome to the future of project and portfolio management, where artificial intelligence revolutionizes how organizations strategize, plan, and execute their initiatives.  Projects can now adapt to changes with unprecedented fluidity; portfolio optimization has become more streamlined, and decision-making is increasingly data-driven. With the value of the AI industry expected to surge to nearly $300 billion […]

Resource Planning and Forecasting Demystified: A Practical Guide for PPM Professionals

14 min read Are you a project portfolio management professional grappling with resource management challenges in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape? Are you struggling to balance multiple projects with limited resources?  We’ve got you covered.  Our comprehensive resource planning and forecasting guide will demystify this complex world, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to tackle resource planning […]

What Are The Differences Between a Project and a Program: A Comparative Study

11 min read Are you struggling to distinguish between the concepts of “project” and “program” in your organization? Confusion surrounding these terms can lead to inefficient management and hinder the successful implementation of your strategic goals.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will clearly define projects and programs, highlighting their unique characteristics and revealing […]

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