Project portfolio management

How to Use Smartsheet and PPM Express for Better Project Management

4 min read How to Get Started with Smartsheet If you are trying to figure out how to get started with Smartsheet, you are at the right place for guidance. Here, we take you through how to use Smartsheet for project management. We will guide you on the relevant Smartsheet integration that simplifies your project management efforts. Before […]

Top Competitors and Alternatives 

6 min read As businesses grow in size, effective project management becomes highly relevant. It also becomes more complicated. Luckily, many project management software applications are available to assist team members in managing projects simultaneously, making it much easier for a team to accomplish its objectives for any provided set of tasks. While PPM solutions have always been […]

Visibility Across Teams With Azure DevOps

5 min read Project portfolio management success runs hand in hand with how well you can access the correct data. This article elaborates on how you can gain visibility across teams with Azure DevOps and addresses ways to fill in the gaps where Azure may be lacking. Your project may fail for various reasons, and not having enough access to […]

Solving Growth Problem: Introduction to Project Portfolio Management

7 min read The business environment today is more dynamic than ever. And an efficient project portfolio management software will lead organizations towards better growth. This article is an introduction to Project Portfolio Management. As businesses expand, organizations focus on bigger goals in terms of managing their people and resources. The same is the case while taking up […]

Portfolio Governance, Ensuring Alignment to Strategy, in a PMI way

5 min read What is Portfolio Governance? As per Project Management Institute (PMI), Portfolio Governance is termed as the framework, functions, and processes that guide portfolio management activities to optimize investments and meet organizational strategic and operational goals. These activities determine the actual versus planned aggregate portfolio value ensure that portfolio components (sub-portfolios, programs, projects, and operations) deliver maximum return on […]

What Is The Difference Between a Project and a Program?

7 min read You can arrive at your destination only when the course is correctly set, and all participants know where and why they are going. The project and the program are management categories, where special attention is paid to competent planning. How to understand the difference between them, and what do these differences affect? The project is a […]

Microsoft Project vs. Microsoft Planner

5 min read Project Management methodologies may share similar concepts, but the management tools at the disposal of Project and portfolio managers come in great variety. Deep analysis is required for some projects, which necessitates time-phased data and resource management. Other tasks may be more straightforward, and the need for tracking precise data may thus be less severe. That’s […]


4 min read Project portfolio management can drive your organization’s growth when used correctly. It makes a huge difference in various aspects, as it can provide a full view of your past, ongoing, and future projects and it helps you gain insights from them. Regardless of the management style of the project leader, a PPM software can elevate a […]

Establishing Project Portfolio Management Practices in Teams Using Azure DevOps

6 min read As you might know, Microsoft has renamed Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to Azure DevOps Services. VSTS features are now separate services. What was known as “Build and Release” is now called “Azure Pipelines.” It provides continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) that works with any language, platform, and Cloud. What was “Code” is now […]

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