Project portfolio management

The Importance of Project Portfolio Visibility for Modern Organization

6 min read PPM considers the big picture of all projects grouped together; past, present, and future – and calculates the optimal prioritization and sequencing of projects to maximize return on investment. While we often theorize projects as discrete, independent units – the truth is that we rarely manage projects in isolation. The reality is that they’re inextricably […]

Standardization of Project Portfolio Management: Objectives and Prospects

3 min read Today, the vast majority of project-oriented organizations are facing an avalanche-like growth in the number of projects being implemented. Obviously, such organizations are in dire need of implementing uniform methods and standards for managing projects and project portfolios. A systems approach can significantly improve business performance and capitalization, and improve the business performance of companies. […]

Project Portfolio Management for Jira: How to Improve Your Performance and Visibility?

6 min read To effectively manage the organization, you need to have several applications in your arsenal that will facilitate your project’s progress. Starting with the time accounting program and ending with Cloud data integration, these tools will help you conduct your business competently and rationally, without unnecessary costs. When you’re on the verge of adopting an automation […]

10 Reasons Projects Managers Need PPM

6 min read Project managers are responsible for planning, initiating, controlling, and executing the working process of a team in order to help team members achieve their goals efficiently and effectively, and to ensure the results positively affect the bottom line. In order to successfully accomplish that, a majority of project managers typically use spreadsheets to help them […]

7 Ways Smaller Companies Can Thrive with Project Portfolio Management

5 min read Project Portfolio Management (PPM) has been a tool used by enterprise-level businesses for years. Typically, however, implementing it into smaller businesses has been more trouble than it’s worth – until now. Recent developments in PPM technology now mean that small-medium businesses can also benefit from the range of benefits a well-executed PPM strategy can provide. […]

Agile Project Portfolio Management and Azure DevOps: Best Practices and Insights

6 min read “Those organizations that take full advantage of automation bypass their” non-digital “competitors by testing hypotheses more quickly, receiving and analyzing the results of experiments and using this information to improve.” © 2017 State of DevOps Report.”   The world is changing faster and faster. The only way to survive is to take the path of change. Software is everywhere; it affects all […]

Why Risk Management is Crucial to Project & Portfolio Management

7 min read Risk Management in Project & Portfolio Management aims to limit the impact of adverse events on a portfolio. Portfolio components are dynamic. They’re evolving and shifting every time a project is upgraded, postponed, or manipulated to achieve portfolio balance and strategic fitness.  Hence, portfolio risk management is a balancing act crucial for portfolio resource managers […]

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