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How to Avoid Key Mistakes While Managing Backlogs with Azure Boards [Checklist inside]

13 min read Azure DevOps Boards is a cloud service provider that enables everyone to develop software in a collaborative project mode, discuss projects and work on them together. It offers various capabilities, including integrated reporting, calendar views, customizable dashboards, and native support for Agile, Scrum, and Kanban processes. This product also provides comprehensive customized functionality of backlogs. […]

How to Build Portfolio Management With Azure DevOps Boards

7 min read Implementing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools like Azure Boards to manage project portfolios efficiently is nothing new. Companies worldwide are inclined to use Azure Boards for their growth now. The world is evolving rapidly, and change is our only way to survive. With technology everywhere, companies like yours should utilize it to innovate and understand […]

Azure DevOps Tutorial: Agile Project Management

6 min read With Azure DevOps, you can choose from a variety of planning tools in the Azure Board that are ideal for agile project management. So, if you’re transitioning from traditional project management to agile approaches, Azure DevOps is an excellent option for you. Azure Boards’ agile planning and portfolio management tools help you swiftly plan, manage, and track […]

Visibility Across Teams With Azure DevOps

5 min read Project portfolio management success runs hand in hand with how well you can access the correct data. This article elaborates on how you can gain visibility across teams with Azure DevOps and addresses ways to fill in the gaps where Azure may be lacking. Your project may fail for various reasons, and not having enough access to […]

5 Steps For Successful Delivery of Digital Transformation Initiatives With Azure DevOps

5 min read A digital transformation strategy is the right mix of strategy and execution. It’s about reshaping your business model in a way that will engage your stakeholders, empower your teammates, transform your services, and optimize your operations. Digital transformation focuses on keeping up with innovation and utilizing the right technologies to achieve organizational goals. It isn’t enough […]

Agile Project Portfolio Management and Azure DevOps: Best Practices and Insights

6 min read “Those organizations that take full advantage of automation bypass their” non-digital “competitors by testing hypotheses more quickly, receiving and analyzing the results of experiments and using this information to improve.” © 2017 State of DevOps Report.”   The world is changing faster and faster. The only way to survive is to take the path of change. Software is everywhere; it affects all […]

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