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From BigPicture to Beyond: A Guide to Choosing the Right PPM Tool for Your Jira Workflow

11 min read With teams working across various domains and industries, the need for robust project portfolio management tools has never been greater.  Among the popular choices, Atlassian’s Jira has emerged as a dominant force in project tracking and collaboration.  However, as projects grow in complexity and scale, organizations often find themselves seeking additional functionality and flexibility to […]

Advanced Jira Reporting: Unlocking Insights for Better Decision-Making

16 min read Are you struggling to make informed decisions based on the data from your Jira projects? Do you spend hours sorting through reports to find the insights you need? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.  Many project managers and teams face the same challenge of making sense of the vast amount of data generated […]

Exploring Jira Integrations: Enhancing Functionality and Collaboration Across Teams

13 min read Are you struggling to manage projects efficiently and improve collaboration within your team just using Jira?  You’re not alone.  Many organizations face similar challenges as Jira’s native features sometimes fall short of addressing the unique and diverse needs of today’s fast-paced teams.  The true potential of Jira lies in its ability to integrate with a […]

Transform Your Project Portfolio Management in Jira: Expert Tips to Enhance Performance and Gain Insight

13 min read Are you struggling to manage multiple projects and maintain visibility over your entire portfolio? If so, you’re not alone.  Many organizations face the challenge of balancing resources, priorities, and deadlines across multiple initiatives. Luckily, there’s a solution: project portfolio management software. If you’re already using Jira as your project management tool, you’re in luck – […]

How to Maximize Productivity And Team Utilization With Resource Planning For Jira

6 min read Organizations strive to find better ways to be more efficient, innovative, and collaborative with ever-changing workplace dynamics. This article elaborates on how project managers can maximize productivity and team utilization alongside resource planning for Atlassian Jira. Meticulous planning is everything. Project managers are well aware that projects can not be done overnight when more employees […]


7 min read There are many online services to organize the work of the team and track the status of tasks. Some are more suitable for IT development, others – for marketing or sales. We have compiled the shortlist of the most popular systems and described how they work. But first things first: how to choose solutions for […]

Project Budgeting and Cost Forecasting for JIRA Users: How-To Guide

5 min read Sooner or later, the moment comes when the team is in need of tools for project management that suit specific needs, like budget management, schedule keeping, and intertwining all the processes into one concise report. Keeping records in Excel might seem enough, but it’s not when you’ve grown beyond a three-person operation: first, because it […]

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