Project Portfolio Management
for Microsoft Planner

Transform your Microsoft Planner project management into  scalable Project Portfolio Management Platform

  • The Big Picture View of your Microsoft Planner Portfolio
  • Project and Statuses in a single Dashboard
  • Executive Reporting with Microsoft Power BI
  • Resource Planning
  • Work and Project Prioritization
  • Time Tracking

Integrates with Microsoft Planner within Seconds.

Big Picture View

Management Oversight

Resource Planning

Tired of not having everything you need to properly manage your Planner Portfolio?

The reality is that

Microsoft Planner is not a Project Portfolio Management Software!

100s of Customers Use PPM Express with Microsoft Planner

With PPM Express, the company saves up to 60% of the time on reporting, project and resource planning

Martijn Schasfoort, Maxima M.C.


PPM Express seamlessly integrates with MS Teams and enables our students to learn the Project Management course.

Dr. Karim Ahmed, Coventry University

PPM Express is connecting information we already have and helps get all the possible value from it.

Paola Bobbio, Invatron

With PPM Express our customers always have a clear view of what is my next milestone

Marc de Graaf, Codeless

How it Works
Step #1

Turn Microsoft Planner into a Portfolio Management Tool

Keep using Microsoft Planner along with PPM Express . Automatically import your plan data and see the portfolio of your plans. 

Add Reporting, Resource Planning & Portfolio Management to the Microsoft Office 365 Planner.

Step #2

Keep Using Microsoft Planner Just Like You Did Before – But with PPM Capabilities!

Finally a software that doesn’t change how your team works – it just enables you to get birds eye view of your projects portfolio and helps effectively use your resources.

Your team keeps using the same tools and PPM Express integrates with them to give you the PPM features you need!

Integrates with your existing tools automatically!

Step #3

Bird Eye View On Everything You Need to Track for Your Projects

Here are few things that PPM Express helps you track automatically. No more manual calculations or having to ask your team to provide this information by Email or in Excel. Everything is updated automatically from Microsoft Planner!

You can track:

Step #4

Plan Resources For Each Project

You can view your plans from Microsoft Planner within PPM Express and create project resource plans, and track and manage resource utilization for your teams.

It will help you plan & monitor:

Your team keeps using the same tools and PPM Express integrates with them to give you the PPM features you need!

Step #5

No More Manual Reports!

PPM Express generates Power BI Reports For You!

We have over 70 Microsoft Power BI report and dashboard templates you can use and customize that will provide all the reports you’ll ever need.

Never touch a spreadsheet or do manual calculations ever again!

+70 additional report templates in Microsoft Power BI

You’re 5 Mins Away From Trying PPM Express With MS Planner

Try it for free for 30 days! Integrate with Microsoft planner within seconds and add resource planning, reporting and a birds eye view of your portfolio to your projects within minutes!

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Portfolio Management for Microsoft Planner:

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Portfolio Management for Microsoft Planner


Get 360 degree view across your Microsoft Office 365 Planner plans. Extend with high-level project information, statuses and resource plans, all in PPM Express.

Perform Risk Management, Prioritize Projects, Use Microsoft Office 365 Team with real time project portfolio management ppm


Make right decisions, faster with detailed Power BI reports. Monitor progress of your plans, track statuses and priorities, analyze your project budgets and costs.
Add more control and visibility to the Office 365 Planner!


Tracking projects in other tools as well? PPM Express supports multiple integrations – Jira, Microsoft Project Online, Azure DevOps etc.
View all your projects at a glance!