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Introducing Microsoft Planner Gantt Chart

2 min read Microsoft Planner Gantt Chart Task management is an essential process for every manager in day-to-day activity, with increasing Microsoft Planner adoption in large enterprises and medium and small organizations. It is crucial to view portfolio timelines for Microsoft Planner plans and visualize tasks in sequences on a Gantt chart for individual Microsoft Planner plans. Gantt […]

Portfolio Management for Microsoft Planner

5 min read In today’s dynamic workplace, individuals work with team members, different management levels, and stakeholders. Employees need to use task management systems to keep track of all the work activities. The recent digital transformations have made project and portfolio management much more efficient and convenient. So, what is portfolio management? It is the process of centralizing […]

Microsoft Project vs. Microsoft Planner

5 min read Project Management methodologies may share similar concepts, but the management tools at the disposal of Project and portfolio managers come in great variety. Deep analysis is required for some projects, which necessitates time-phased data and resource management. Other tasks may be more straightforward, and the need for tracking precise data may thus be less severe. That’s […]

Time Reporting in Microsoft Planner: Is It Possible?

2 min read Microsoft Office 365 Planner is widely known for its complete solutions for task and work management. It offers teams a simple and visual way to organize work, and they rely on Planner to get organized quickly, work together effortlessly, and stay on the same page. Planner often becomes the first choice for teams and individuals […]

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