PPM Express Product Support SLA

This service level agreement describes the levels of service and support that you and your organization (“You” or “Customer”) will receive from PPM Express Corporation (“We” or “PPM Express”) when using any of PPM Express products. Our Product Support SLA covers PPM Express products exclusively and does not cover the support of any third-party software.

PPM Express aims to respond on a best-effort basis on average within 16 business hours to new support requests and provide an update at least every 48 hours for existing support requests. We take exceptional efforts to provide support in accordance with our SLA, but cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the customer or for reasons outside of our control. Our Support Team manages and resolves PPM Express product-related questions and technical issues, and escalates the issues to engineering and product management teams as needed.

The Standard Product Support plan is provided to all customers who have purchased a subscription for PPM Express products and is available during the subscription term.

Standard Product Support Includes:

  • Help regarding PPM Express products within the purchased subscription period
  • Help regarding PPM Express products under evaluation
  • Help with issues during the installation of PPM Express products
  • Help with issues during PPM Express products upgrades
  • Help troubleshoot problems with PPM Express products
  • Help identify workarounds related to PPM Express products
  • Receiving all new updates, revisions, and releases of licensed software products as they become available
  • Access to up-to-date documentation and Help Portal

Standard Product Support Does Not Include:

  • Support for Customers who do not have a valid and current license or active subscription for PPM Express products
  • Support related to non-PPM Express products
  • Support for third-party systems used as a connector to PPM Express products
  • Support for custom-developed software scripts created by customers and used together with PPM Express products

Severity levels of support requests

The following table provides the definition of the severity levels of support requests and the generally expected initial response time, and escalation and update times provided by PPM Express. Our support team operates two shifts per business day (3:00 AM – 11 AM and 11 AM – 7:00 PM US Eastern time. One business day is equivalent to 16 business hours).

Severity levelDescriptionInitial Response TimeEscalation and Update
1: UrgentThe system is not functioning, services cannot be maintained. No workaround availablewithin 16 business hourswithin 16 business hours
2: HighThe impact of the issue on customer service is high. The system is functioning, but the functionality is significantly limited. Periodic/ partial downtime or core functionality is inoperable. No workaround availablewithin 16 business hourswithin 2 business days
3: NormalThe user can continue using the system. The product is stable, but some functionality with medium/low impact on customer service is not functioning as expected. Temporary workaround availablewithin 24 business hourswithin 2-3 business days
4: LowInformational (usage questions, product enhancements, documentation errors, minor product issues)within 48 business hourswithin 3-5 business days

Initial Response Time
Initial response time means that our Product Support Team answers your email or ticket request, acknowledges your issue, registers a request in a support ticketing system, and makes an initial diagnosis of the problem. In some cases, our support team may need to obtain additional information from you to be able to provide an initial diagnosis of the problem. Incomplete or missing information requested by the Support Team with regards to your specific support request could delay issue resolution and re-initiate the response times defined herein.

Business Hours
Our support hours are Monday – Friday, 3:00 AM – 7:00 PM US Eastern time.

Our Product Support team is not available due to holidays during the calendar year of 2024 on the following dates: 1/1, 3/8, 5/1, 5/6, 5/8, 6/24, 6/28, 7/15, 8/26, 12/25.

Logging a Support Request
Support requests are to be logged via this form or by sending an email to support@ppm.express

In order to investigate a reported problem and provide a resolution within the response times defined herein please provide as much relevant information as possible with regards to your support request, including but not limited to the following:

  • Product name
  • Information about your license (generally found in your subscription certificate)
  • Third-party system used as a connector (if applicable)
  • A complete detailed description of the issue you are facing including steps to reproduce, screenshots, etc.
  • Web browser used and its version number (if applicable)

PPM Express procedures

For each specific support request, our Support Team creates a ticket in a support ticketing system. If your request contains several different issues, we may create different tickets to track each issue. In any subsequent communication with a Support Team about an active support request, please reply to the last answer, to facilitate handling the request and speed up our response time.

PPM Express is not responsible for any technical guidance provided by any third parties that contradicts or impairs the ability of PPM Express to provide the Product Support defined herein.

If you need more information about our security policy, guarantees, and infrastructure, welcome to contact us for detailed documentation.

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