“Big Picture” Your Enterprise Project Portfolio Management For Microsoft Project Online

Get a true “big picture” view of your enterprise project portfolio in Microsoft Project Online. All of your existing project management tools in one place. Azure DevOps, Microsoft Planner, Atlassian Jira, and more—with MS Project Online integration.

with MS Project Online integration.

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Scale Your Enterprise Project Portfolio Management With MS Project Online Integration

Smooth Deliveries
View and manage statuses and progress in one place.
Take Next-Level Advantage
of unified status reports and standardized project configurations and fields.
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Gain Visibility
across all projects within MS Project Online and beyond.
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Transform your business
when you introduce enterprise project portfolio management with business intelligence.


fewer migration migraines

with PPM Express with MS Project Online integration. PWA admins and PMO teams will find major relief in cloud migration challenges associated with:

Migration complexity

SNo MS Project Online expertise required.

Manual process

Automated migration’s edge over manual will save your fingers.

Time constraints

No contest—we’re way faster than manual migrations.

Management chaos

Tracking migration changes, issues, and progress manually almost never ends well.

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“Big Picture” Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Made Easy

Real-deal Enterprise project portfolio management means connecting your projects everywhere. Microsoft Planner, Azure DevOps, Jira, MS Project Online integration, and more.

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Pain-Free MS Project Online Integration

Save tens of thousands on the implementation, deployment, consulting, and integration of custom-built solutions for MS Project Online and your enterprise project portfolio management. PPM Express is ready for you instantly.

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Maximize The ROI From Your Existing Tools

Let your teams keep using their favorite toys and make it easier to see how they fit in the big picture of your enterprise project portfolio management.

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Our MS Project Online Integration Makes Resource Planning A Cinch

Create resource plans for projects across tools and monitor utilization for your teams. Adjust as needed to save time, money, and effort for real enterprise project portfolio management.

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Access 150+ Built-In Report Templates

PPM Express includes dozens of state-of-the-art Microsoft Power BI reports. Run project status reports, portfolio reports, risk registers, issues reports, financial reports, resource utilization reports, and more—you name it, it’s there.

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Microsoft Teams + MS Project Online Integration

Use PPM Express’s Microsoft Teams and MS Project Online integration to work across your tools, update statuses, and plan resources right from the Microsoft Teams app.

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MS Project Online Integration … And So Much More

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Integrates with Office 365 & Azure DevOps Boards in minutes.
Available for Microsoft teams, too.
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What Our Customers Say About PPM Express With MS Project Online Integration

With PPM Express our customers have a clear view of what is my next key date and my next milestone, and with active automated alerts on key dates approaching we make them more aware continuously looking at what’s next.

Marc de Graaf Head of PMO

“PPM Express seamlessly integrates with MS Teams and enables our students with an easy way to collaborate and learn the Project Management course.”

Dr. Karim Ahmed Coventry University

We implemented and used PPM Express as our Portfolio Management Platform. The reports and Dashboards provide valuable consolidated information at different levels, and the beauty of this is that it’s just connecting information we already have and getting all the possible value from it.

Paola Bobbio Senior Project Manager

With PPM Express, our company saves up to 60% of the time on reporting, project and resource planning.

Martijn Schasfoort Maxima M.C.

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