PPM Express Roadmap

PPM Express: See what we are working on & what’s coming next

We are excited to share PPM Express Roadmap highlights for the nearest future. These are the major items we are working on or about to start working on.

Q1-Q2 2024 PPM Express Roadmap

We believe transparency is key to a successful relationship with our PPM software users, which is exactly what we’re trying to grow. We also share it to get your feedback – please tell us what is important to you!

Based on your feedback and input, please note that priorities in our backlog and roadmap change over time. We share the backlog for this and subsequent quarters. If you have questions about some features – feel free to contact us.


Done in 2023
Done in 2022
Done in 2021
Done in 2020
Done in 2019

Done in 2023

Flexible Permission Model for Business Challenges and Ideas

Users can now limit access to all or specific business challenges to allow employees of a particular department or project to access only relevant challenges and ideas. Learn more

PPM Express Tasks hierarchy

Sub-tasks functionality was added to PPM Express Tasks..

Advanced Progress Calculation Settings for PPM Express Tasks

The settings for Progress calculation of PPM Express Tasks were made more flexible. Learn more

Auto calculation mode for Progress-related fields for PPM Express tasks

Both Manual and Auto-calculation modes are available for PPM Express tasks. Learn more

Calculation for task groups and Calculation of Tasks Progress

Auto or on-demand rollup calculation of the summary tasks and horizontal calculation for non-summary tasks is now supported. Learn more

Bulk actions for PPM Express Tasks

Bulk actions, such as Indent/Outdent, Link/Unlink, Assign to, Set progress, Move to group, and Clone, were added to the toolbar panel for PPM Express Tasks.

Key Dates Baselines

The Baseline can be set for all PPM Express Key Dates to compare project milestones performance over time. Learn more

Full screen mode section

All PPM Express dashboard sections (Key Dates, Iterations, Details, Tasks, Insigts, etc.) can now be opened in full-screen mode for better viewing and editing Learn more

Benefits Module

A new section ‘Benefits’ was added to Projects, Programs, Portfolios, and Ideas to manage plans and assessment of expected positive outcomes from the implementation.

Jira Connection improvements

The settings for Project Progress and Project Status Calculation were made more flexible. Learn more

Cross-projects linking for Jira connection

PPM Express now allows linking several Jira projects to one PPM Express project. You can link either several Jira projects fully or only the selected Jira issue types. Selecting the required Jira issue types for linking allows managing issues from different Jira projects as a single project in PPM Express.

Multiple parent issues in Jira Connection

Managing multiple Jira parent issues as one project in PPM Express is now supported. Learn more

RAID+ Registry PPM Express Report Pack

A new pack provides a holistic view of all Risks, Action Items, Issues, Key Decisions, Lessons Learned and Change Requests across all your projects and portfolios in one place. Learn more

Enhancements for the MPP (Project) Publisher addon.

When publishing your schedules from Project Desktop to PPM Express, you can now include task custom fields and their values along with the schedule. Additionally, Tasks from MPP files (Project Desktop app) can be now imported as PPM Express tasks using Project Publisher.

Archived Projects

Managing your projects got easier. Now you can effortlessly organize and keep track of completed projects, making room for new ventures and maintaining a clutter-free workspace.

Status categories for PPM Express entities

It is now possible to edit status categories for PPM Express entities: Projects, Programs, Portfolios, Tasks, Key Dates, Roadmaps, and Objectives. Learn more

Resource Planning at the Project, Program, or Portfolio level

A concept of planning the allocation of Teams and Resources on a higher level than a project was introduced.

Multiple parent work items in Azure DevOps Connection

Managing multiple Jira parent work items as one project in PPM Express is now supported. Learn more

Synchronization of Azure Active Directory users

The Azure Active Directory Synchronization option allows synchronizing users from Azure Active Directory groups to the PPM Express People Management page and managing access of PPM Express users directly from Azure AD.

Project for the Web Connector

A new connection environment was added to PPM Express: Project for the Web.

Work via API for the Calendar Exceptions section

Work via API has been added to the Calendar Exceptions section for both Global and Resource Calendar settings.

Redesign of Schedule section for Azure DevOps

The Schedule project section was redesigned for Azure DevOps to become more flexible.

Import/Export of Calendar Exceptions to/from .csv file

Jira Project Progress calculation

The calculation logic of Project Progress for the Jira connection was improved

Done in 2022

Smartsheet Connector

A new connection environment was added to PPM Express: Smartsheet.

PPM Express Project Publisher

PPM Express Project Publisher was added. It allows publishing projects from Project Desktop client to PPM Express.

Import/Export of Roadmap Items to/from .csv file

Dependencies on PPM Express Tasks

Soft Dependencies and different dependency types are now available in PPM Express native task management.

‘ID’ field for Portfolios, Programs, Projects, and Ideas

A new field ‘ID’ was added to Portfolios, Programs, Projects, and Ideas. The field allows creating a short numeric identifier for the mentioned entities by providing ‘Prefix’, ‘Starting Number’, and ‘Suffix’ values.

Change Requests process

The ‘Change request’ option was added to the My Space page. Notifications are now sent to Requesters/Deciders/Users assigned when a new change request is created and then when its decision is changed.

Embedded Integration with Zapier

Integration with Zapier is now embedded in PPM Express UI and is available under the Automation settings. Learn more

Layout for ideas

A new option was added to set a default layout for new ideas of a particular Business Challenge

Monday.com Connector

A new connection environment was added to PPM Express: Monday.com. Learn more

Redesign of Roadmap dashboard

The Roadmap dashboard was redesigned for easier navigation, layouts and views were added to this page. Learn more

An ‘Email’ option

A new ‘Email’ option allows users to sign up for the PPM Express application and create a PPM Express tenant using any email provider account (besides Office 365 and Google).

View Resource Assignments

It is now possible to select a certain period and review the resource assignments from the Resource Plan project section for the selected dates. For this purpose, select the required time frame, navigate to the resource in question and click on the View Assignments button.

Calculate Project Progress by Story Points and Effort in Azure DevOps connection

KPI Section on Roadmap dashboard

KPI section allows organizations to quickly review all the updates for the information from the Details section including our rolled-up calculated fields such as Estimated Effort, Estimates Cost, Story Points, etc. Learn more

Improvements in Iteration section in Azure DevOps connection

More flexible settings to display relevant work items and navigation between Iteration and Tasks were added. Learn more

Import/Export of Ideas to/from .csv file

‘Non-project work’ and ‘Max Units’ changes in Resource Planning

It is now possible to set “Non-project Work” for a resource and define planning of work on a resource level as a team. Learn more

Done in 2021

Roadmap Module

The module allows creating roadmaps on a project, portfolio, and multi-portfolio levels to define the project or strategic portfolio objectives over a specific period and communicate major steps and milestones planned for achieving that objective.

Public API

PPM Express exposes REST API that allows integrating PPM Express with your existing tool ecosystem to automate processes and workflows.

OKR / KPI Module

The module allows to define and track goals / objectives for the organization / department / business unit and track how projects and portfolio contribute to these objectives / KPIs. Learn more

Jira Backlog Details

Issue types from Jira available for view inside PPM Express. You can see all epics, features, user stories, tasks and other issue types for your teams in one place. Learn more. A view of all Jira issues is now also available on “My Space” page in tandem with other connectors.

Advanced Mapping

Improvements in Azure DevOps, Project Online and Jira Software work item/issue field mapping, so users see extended custom fields. Advanced configuration settings are also added to Jira connector to provide flexible set up options for different business needs.

Ideation Process Improvements

Idea Flow improvements, added Resource Planning and Estimation Capabilities to Ideas / Project Requests.

Project Dynamic Views

Support different views of Project Dashboard, Portfolio Dashboard and Resource Dashboards for different types of users per their role / permission level. Learn more

Multiple Tenants

Support of multiple separate tenants per one customer Learn more

Multiple Portfolios

One project can be now added to several Programs and Portfolios.

Advanced Program and Portfolio Structures

Program/ Sub-Portfolios Support. Learn more

Import of Risks and Key Dates from child objects

Import of Risks and Key Dates is now possible from Projects into Programs and Portfolios.

View Resource Workload

View all Tasks, Action Items, Risks, and Issues assigned to a resource across all projects on one page. Project and resource managers can plan and manage work of their team members as here they could see what tasks a resource is assigned to for this week, month, etc.

Project Interdependencies

Support project interdependencies and dependencies between other internal/external elements.

Done in 2020

My Space Improvements

Visual improvements of the “My Space” page – view of all your tasks from external connectors on one page.

View Tasks From Planner in PPM Express

Tasks from Microsoft Planner available for view in PPM Express task management. You will be able to see all project-related tasks from Microsoft Planner for your projects and teams use in one place.

Azure DevOps, Planner and Project Backlogs

Tasks from Project Online, Azure DevOps available for view inside PPM Express. You will be able to see all epics, features, user stories for your teams in one place.

Integration with PPM Express Time

Report on your projects in automated time tracking tool “PPM Express Time” that provides connections to multiple systems – Office 365, Outlook, Jira, Microsoft Planner, VSTS, Git and others to track user activity and connect it with PPM Express for reporting and visual control of time spent on your projects. Find out more about PPM Express Time and learn how to configure integration.

Import Work Items From Azure DevOps as Projects

As some users have Epics or Features that they manage as separate projects or sub-projects, we have updated our Import Project functionality to allow our users to import any Azure DevOps work item type (default or custom) as separate Projects in PPM Express. Learn more

Demand Management/ Ideation module – Integration with Microsoft Teams

Users can connect their ideas / demands created in PPM Express with Microsoft Teams by adding a “Demand Management” tab in a Teams channel which points to specific business challenge in PPM Express and shows its details. Learn more

PPM Express Task Management Module

The module enables users to create their own schedules / plans / tasks within PPM Express, as well create and modify tasks of internal PPM Express projects. From now on PPM Express becomes a full-cycle project portfolio management platform where you can manage your work on all levels, whether it’s a task, a project, or a portfolio, integrated with external systems as JIRA / Azure DevOps / Planner or not. Learn more

PPM Express Task Management Module Enhancements

After the release of the first phase, we continued with further development and enhancements of our Task Management Module. We have released some visual improvements, task dependency, and a timeline scaling added task management to Power BI reports, and integrated the task management module with PPM Express Time for automated time reporting. Learn more

Resource Planning and Management Module

The Resource Management module allows users to create a resource plan for a project and successfully manage resource utilization and allocation. You can easily keep track of your resources both within a project and across many projects, as well as manage proposed and committed resource plans. Learn more

My Space

My Space page is a place where you can review all Tasks, Action Items, Risks, and Issues assigned to you across all projects on one page. This page helps our users to organize their work as here they can easily see what tasks they have assigned for this week, next week, late tasks, critical ones, etc. Learn more

Work Together module

Communicate major changes to Microsoft Teams channel to stay up-to-date with your team on key events on portfolio and project level. Learn more

Resource Planning Module

The module allows users to create resource plan for a project and successfully manage resource utilization and allocation.

PPM Insights

PPM Insights module provides a way for project managers to be on top of all the crucial changes to projects and portfolios.

Enhanced Filtering Functionality

Filters are now available on the majority of projects, portfolios, business challenges, and ideas sections.

Share Projects and Portfolios

With an option to share projects or portfolios with other users you can quickly give other your colleagues access to your project/portfolio and work on it together. Learn more

Done in 2019

Data Quality Warnings

Short notifications / warnings on data quality will provide a way to notify users in case there are any inconsistencies in their portfolio / project data and give them a tip on which data should be modified to provide consistent data of the project and portfolio details, statuses and progress. Learn more

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Integration with Microsoft Teams will allow installing PPM Express app directly in Microsoft Teams, select a specific project or portfolio for a relevant channel and work with it from Teams the same way as it can be done on PPM Express website. Learn more

Ideation module “PPM Express Ideas”

The module will support project ideation / project crowd sourcing process in organizations that are looking for ways to collect ideas from their employees and align the ideas with strategic priorities and business challenges of organization. After review and prioritization of submitted ideas organization can select the ones that will deliver maximum benefit to organization with minimal cost and time and create a new project for execution. Learn more

Adding of Several New Project Sections

‘Lessons learned’, ‘Action items’, ‘Key decisions’, ‘Steering Committee’, ‘Change Requests’ sections have been added to Projects Details Page and have been included in Power BI reports. These reports are also accessible from Projects card menu now. Learn more

Portfolio and Project Timeline Redesign

Review the details for your Project and Portfolio in general or see the information for the Key Dates and Iterations from the Timeline directly by navigating to the timeline hints. Get the information about the number of Projects by status, by progress, and key dates in Summary section on the Portfolio Details page. Learn more

Connect Several Source Applications to One PPM Express Project

Link one project created in PPM Express to several projects managed in different work management systems (e.g. Jira and Planner) and combine project progress and general project information (resources, key dates, issues, risks, etc.) from several source systems in PPM Express. Avoid constant switching between different systems and keep track of overall project and portfolio progress in one place. Learn more

Clone Existing PPM Express Projects

‘Lessons learned’, ‘Action items’, ‘Key decisions’, ‘Steering Committee’, ‘Change Requests’ sections have been added to Projects Details Page and have been included in Power BI reports. These reports are also accessible from Projects card menu now. Learn more

Projects, Portfolio, Resources Bulk Deletion

Bulk delete Projects, Portfolios, and Resources you do not anymore in one click. Learn more

Invite New Users to PPM Express

As a tenant administrator you can allow new users to sign up to your PPM Express tenant either automatically from the same Office 365 / GSuite tenant or by sending them invitations with relevant permissions directly in application. Learn more

Strategic Themes

Strategic Themes Page will continue evolving of Ideation Module and will allow to specify strategic priorities and business challenges in the organization. The page will contain a predefined set of strategic themes, as well as an option to add new themes that are strategically important for your organization. Learn more

Portfolio Prioritization & Alignment to organization strategy

Portfolio Prioritization & Alignment Screen will allow to set strategic themes and their importance (weight) for the selected portfolio and it’s projects and calculate portfolio alignment score based on predefined formulas. Learn more

Improvements in Currency Settings

Currency settings will allow to choose a type of currency for your PPM Express tenant. Learn more

Have ideas of new PPM Express features? Please share your feedback with info@ppm.express and we will analyze and add to the backlog.

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