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Why automated time tracking?

Automated time tracking software - integrations
Minimize efforts

We all leave digital footprints in business apps such as Office 365, Outlook, Azure Boards, GitHub, Zendesk. Had a meeting on Monday? Completed a task in Planner yesterday? We will suggest these entries for time reporting.

Automated time tracking software - integrations

We safeguard personal privacy – no agents deployed, no spying on what users do on their computers. We identify what users worked on in business apps and suggest time entries for approval based on that data. 

Automated time tracking software - integrations
Better Control

Improve project time and budget management efficiency and receive insights into team time spending by increasing time reporting accuracy. 

Automated time tracking
Focus On What Matters

Make you team members more efficient, focused on what matters. PPM Express Time does all the boring tasks and remembering95% of our users report that “pain is gone”. 

How It Works

Automated time tracking software
Automated time tracking
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Automated time tracking
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Automated time tracking
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Automated time tracking
4. Learn and Improve

Features: Automated Time Reporting

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PPM Express Time for Time Tracking Automation

Automated time tracking
Simplified Time Reporting

Time matters in modern organizations. Improve business productivity, efficiency, and profitability by tracking, measuring and analyzing on which tasks your teams spent work time.

Automated time tracking
Granular Data Visibility

Create metrics around productivity, costs, billability, and other data points important to your business. Assign permissions to control what employees can access and view.

Automated time tracking
Absence Management

Create and control any time off types appropriate for your business – vacation, sick leave, PTO, and more.

Automated time tracking
Insights and Analytics

Analyze where your teams spend time – which projects, which tasks, vacation, out of the office. Our reporting is based on Microsoft Power BI, the leading business intelligence platform worldwide.

Automated time tracking
Seamless Integration

We provide connections to multiple tools - Office 365, Outlook, Jira, Microsoft Planner, VSTS, Git and others to track user activity.

Automated time tracking
High Adoption Levels

Automated time reporting and user’s control as to what to include in timesheets reduces stress and resistance and improves trust for time tracking by your teams.

Automated time tracking
Privacy Is Critical

We focus on results - deliverables and outcomes of business apps - completed tasks, meetings attended, emails sent, code commits, documents created etc. And, users have full control as to what goes to their time reports.

Automated time tracking
Office 365 Enabled

Easy and secure login system using your corporate Office 365 account to ensure that all your sensitive data is safe and sound.

Automated time tracking
SaaS Solution

PPM Express Time is a web based cloud application, available anywhere in the world, in any browser, on any device.

Available Connectors

Planner project portfolio management system

Microsoft Planner

Azure DevOps time tracking

Azure DevOps (former VSTS)

Automated time tracking software - integrations


Automated time tracking software - integrations


Automated time tracking

Office 365

PPM Express Time for Office 365 is FREE.

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