Time Reporting in Microsoft Planner: Is It Possible?

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Microsoft Office 365 Planner is widely known for its complete solutions for task and work management. It offers teams a simple and visual way to organize work, and they rely on Planner to get organized quickly, work together effortlessly, and stay on the same page.

Planner often becomes the first choice for teams and individuals looking for a lighter and easier-to-use Project Online alternative. It is a great tool from many standpoints, but there’s one significant shortcoming.

Office 365 Planner misses a very important feature: a way to report and control the time that a project or task is taking to be developed. Not having time tracking makes it difficult to understand the time spent per task, as well as plan and manage resource demands.

At the moment, the Microsoft team doesn’t have an out-of-the-box time-tracking solution for Office 365 Planner, as well as no plans to introduce it in the near future. Teams preferring Planner as their project management solution have to either look for middleware or consider moving to Project Online.

In its product lineup, FluentPro has the PPM Express® solution for Project & Portfolio Management

that brings all the features that an organization needs to start managing projects, tracking progress, and collaborating immediately. Part of this solution is PPM Express Time — an application that automatically generates timesheets by privately capturing activity in the applications that you work in.

While working with dozens of customers, we’ve identified the main pain points associated with time tracking and decided to create a better way to report time. There is a tool that would be smarter, simpler, and not as time-consuming – PPM Express Time.

>> Learn more about PPM Express | Time – smart time reporting software

PPM Express Time Key Features Include:
  • Seamless Reporting. Time reporting is not a burden for your team anymore: they just do their work, and PPM Express Time collects the data and imports it to their daily reports.
  • Forget manual time reporting: PPM Express Time provides smart automation of the reporting process, where employees complete their tasks and the software writes them down into the report.
  • Multiple Integrations. PPM Express Time allows importing the information about the user’s activity in multiple apps: Office 365, VSTS, Microsoft Planner, GitHub, Zendesk.
  • Executive Dashboards. Executives can see the bigger picture about the team activity in customizable dashboards in order to allocate resources wisely using Microsoft Power BI.
  • Tracking by Project. Do your team members work on multiple projects? With PPM Express Time, you always know how much time they spend on each of them!
  • User Management. PPM Express Time provides flexible role management and access control by user, team, or project so that managers have all the information they need.
  • The application has a built-in communication module so that users can communicate within their Office 365 Groups.
  • Office 365 Login. There is an easy and secure login system using your Office 365 account to make sure all your sensitive data is safe and sound.
  • SaaS Solution. PPM Express Time is a SaaS solution available from anywhere and from any device.
Time Reporting in Microsoft Planner: Is It Possible?
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