PPM Express Digest: What’s New in November 2022?

4 min read We are glad to provide you with information about our new updates in November! Today we have a lot to say because we not only update (or fix) but also add a lot of possibilities to PPM Express: Let’s dive deep into the details. Introduce to you PPM Express Project Publisher (Beta) new integration From […]

PPM Express Digest: What’s New in October 2022?

2 min read Oh, the happy day has come! PPM Express now integrates the Smartsheet project portfolio management tool as it adds another feather to its cap.  The latest integration offers an ever-more versatile project management software that helps project managers and teams work in an easy-to-use and friendly atmosphere. Importing Smartsheet data and linking with PPM Express, the teams […]

PPM Express Digest: What’s New in September 2022?

3 min read We haven’t updated for a while now. We changed a number of things last month. This release is primarily related to Resource Allocation Management and Resource Dashboard page. Let’s overview them in detail: 1. An option to define the “Non-project Work” for a resource was added on the Resource Dashboard page. If a resource is […]

PPM Express Digest: What’s New in August 2022?

3 min read It is now possible to select any Work Item type to be displayed in the Azure DevOps Iterations section Use the Configure Columns menu to add the required Work Item Types (default and/or custom) to the Iterations section.  Please note: It is possible to select only those Work Item Types that were selected when configuring the […]

PPM Express Digest: What’s New in July 2022?

2 min read It has been a month since we last updated. Our month was particularly successful. Here’s a glimpse of our newest PPM Express features: New functionality was added to the connection A PPM Express program can be now linked to  Projects can be now imported from to PPM Express.  Resources can be now […]

PPM Express Digest: What’s New in June 2022?

< 1 min read At PPM Express, we’ve been helping organizations reduce their busy work and improve efficiency. This month, we’re working on new features designed to help teams with the key performance indicators sections on the roadmaps page. Let’s have a closer look! The ‘KPI’ Section Was Added to the Roadmaps Page This section allows organizations to quickly […]

PPM Express Digest: What’s new in May 2022?

2 min read Recently, we released PPM Express v10.2, this release was focused primarily on bug fixes and improvements that were affecting the performance and stability of PPM Express. In this release notes, we will highlight several new great features to PPM Express. This May, we have added various new great features to PPM Express. Azure DevOps import […]

PPM Express Updates Digest: What’s New in April 2022?

< 1 min read Capacity and Actual Hours were added to the Resource Plan  Also, you can use the Set Planned and Set Actual buttons on the top. These buttons are also available from the tooltip for each resource. The ‘Shift Allocation’ option is available The ‘Configure Connection’ screen on the Projects/Programs Dashboard Page was redesigned It is now […]

PPM Express Digest: What’s New in March 2022?

< 1 min read To help keep you informed, we have created a list of March 2022 updates in PPM Express: A new field ‘Hyperlink’ was added to all PPM Express entities You can hide the link address and type in the name for it instead.  The Assignment field for Risks and Issues is now a multi-choice field A […]

PPM Express Digest: What’s New in February 2022?

2 min read PPM Express periodically releases updates that improve the performance, security, logic, and usability of our product. Let’s check what’s new functionality we add this month. The Export and Import to CSV file option was improved for all entities Before: When exporting PPM Express items to the CSV file and then importing it back to PPM Express, the […]

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