This February we have added several great features to PPM Express.

1) Integration with PPM Express Time

From now on you can report on your projects in automated time tracking tool PPM Express Time to track user activity and connect it with PPM Express for reporting and visual control of time spent on your projects. PPM Express Time provides connections to multiple systems – Office 365, Outlook, Jira, Microsoft Planner, VSTS, Git and others, and collects time reporting entries based on user activity.

Now we provide an ability to connect PPM Express Time and PPM Express applications and link their projects.

We have added a new project section ‘Time’  to the Project Details page which allows Project Managers reviewing reported time of their employees from PPM Express Time directly in their projects in PPM Express.

All configuration needs to be performed in the PPM Express Time application. As the projects from these two systems are connected, you can start tracking the time reported in PPM Express ‘Time’ project section directly without a necessity to switch to PPM Express Time application.

2) Integration with Microsoft Teams

We have added Microsoft Teams  to the ‘Work Together’ module to allow our users to communicate major changes to a relevant Microsoft Teams channel to stay up-to-date with their team on key events on portfolio and project level.  Now you can link MS Teams application to PPM Express project, portfolio or challenge and send notifications to the linked MS Teams channels on PPM Express actions.

There are two types of notifications that will be sent to Teams application on PPM Express actions:

As the project is linked to the relevant Team and Channel, the user-driven notifications will be sent to the linked Channel at once.

Scheduled summary notifications need to be configured via Sync Settings in PPM Express.

3) Import Planner tasks as Key dates to PPM Express

If you have connected Planner to PPM Express and linked PPM Express project to Planner plan, it is now possible to import tasks from Planner plan to PPM Express project as Key Dates. In this way you can track some important tasks or dates (such as feature releases) in your Planner plan and have a good visibility of these key events in your PPM Express project.

Only those tasks that have ‘Due date’ field filled in can be imported as Key Dates from Planner to PPM Express.

The tasks imported as key dates can be opened in Planner from PPM Express Key dates section directly by clicking on the Planner icon next to each Key date.

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