We are constantly improving PPM Express and this November we have added primary features of our new Demand Management & Ideation module “PPM Express Ideas” to the application. Also, we have made billing operations easier by allowing our users to manage them directly in PPM Express.

Billing Operations Settings

Billing operations have become much easier as we integrated the billing operations system to PPM Express.

PPM Express Administrators or users can use Manage Billing permissions to access Billing Settings, select the required subscription plan and pay for the required number of users right away.

As PPM Express tenant is registered, a free license for 5 users is issued, 2 users with Professional type of license and 3 users with Essential type of license. If you would like to add more users to the license or add Embedded Power BI reports, just open Billing Settings page and select the required plan.


Ideation module “PPM Express Ideas”

As a part of our Idea & Innovation Management module, PPM Express Business Challenges and Ideas solution was designed to create and manage challenges within the organization, allow team members submit their ideas, project requests, change requests or suggestions for improvements within business challenges.

PPM Express Business Challenges solution is a platform that would let anyone in the organization submit new ideas, suggest improvements, request changes or propose new projects and products.

You are welcome to find out more on how to create and manage business challenges and ideas in this article.


As the Business Challenges are added and ideas are submitted, users can vote for the best ideas and if the idea has been selected, a project can be created out of this idea.


Strategic Priorities section allows to add organization’s strategic priorities on the highest level, manage them and decide how they influence each project in the system.

You are welcome to find out more on how to create and manage strategic priorities and how to set their impact on the specific portfolio, project or idea in this article.

As the strategic priorities are added on the organizational level, each project manager can decide how these priorities impact every specific portfolio, project or idea.

The impact is set for each priority in the Strategic Alignment section on the Project Details page (Portfolio Details page or Idea Details page), where you can find the project’s compliance with each Strategic Priority, and the overall Alignment Score that shows the alignment with the entire strategy of the organization.

The greater the value in the Alignment Score field, the more the project is consistent with the priorities of the company.

Also, this November, we have added the Decision Matrix section to the Project and Idea Details pages.

Decision Matrix section helps making decisions as for projects or ideas efficiency and benefits for your organization. As a Project Manager you can set Impact, Risk, Cost, Revenue and Efforts values for your project, and based on the given values a decision whether it is worth continue with this idea or project can be made by a Project or Portfolio Manager.


More Improvements

New project progress statues ‘On Hold’ has been added to PPM Express.

One more improvement is that the design of the following Power BI reports has changed: ‘Project Iterations’, ‘Project Key Dates’, ‘Project Issues’, ‘Project Risks’, ‘Portfolio Risks’, ‘Portfolio Issues’, ‘Portfolio Key Dates’, ‘Enterprise Key Dates’.

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