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Companies use PPM Express platform to capture new ideas, improvements, change requests, and proposals for new products to drive growth and innovation on all levels. Simple yet powerful idea management software boosts transparency, awareness, appreciation, and employee engagement, and provides a structured approach for idea selection, alignment with strategic goals, and prioritization.

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Challenges of Low Innovation Culture

Opportunities Missed

Without a system for managing ideas and project requests, your employees’ voices cannot be heard. Your most valuable assets have valuable ideas, and they cannot effectively share them.

Slow Pace of Changes

Without new ideas, requests for changes and improvement companies are behind the competitive edge and not changing quick enough in a highly competitive environment.

Low Engagement

When companies do not listen to ideas and suggestions from employees, motivation and engagement are low. There is no appreciation and no stimulus to innovate.

Build on Your Ideas with PPM Express  

Create Culture of Innovation

PPM Express makes it simple for everyone in the organization to participate in innovation, be creative, and receive recognition. Let your team submit their ideas, project requests, change requests or suggestions for improvements within business challenges.

Make Real Business Impact

Achieve quick wins with a platform designed for helping teams to start and run innovation programs. With PPM Express Ideas, you can quickly launch targeted innovation initiatives, address business challenges, engage your employees, and deliver measurable results.

Easy to Start, Easy to Scale

Our idea management software is an out-of-the-box solution that needs no customization and is ready to use instantly. Teams can start submitting ideas and process can be easily scaled across departments, business units or the entire company.


Crowdsourcing Innovation

Innovators Recognition

Continuous Improvement

IT Demand Management

Employee Engagement

Change Management

Product Development

Customer Experience

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Advanced Capabilities to Increase Organizational Innovation


Set high-level strategic priorities for your business that define your success and long-term strategy. Define business goals and challenges in each area or department and let all your team members participate and contribute their ideas and receive recognition for their creativity.

drive innovation
Drive Innovation

Stimulate innovative thinking by encouraging employees to brainstorm, share their ideas, and help deliver impact on organization’s goals. Provide comfortable and effective environment where all team members can make a difference and be recognized for their creativity and initiative.

Evaluate & Collaborate

Let your teams discuss ideas in Microsoft Teams and vote on how they contribute to strategic priorities, define overall score for each idea and decide which ones become projects based on strategic alignment with enterprise goals. You can also use WSJF prioritization or priority / importance approaches as an alternative.

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Use PPM Express project and innovation management tools to transform chosen ideas that have been approved by stakeholders into projects and manage their company-wide roll-out with detailed planning, scheduling, budgeting and execution.


With our software platform you can establish a transparent repeatable process of innovation delivery and management, create an effective system, where impact is delivered on all organizational levels with minimal cost.


Transform your organization’s product line, fine-tune value proposition and discover new markets and business opportunities by establishing a stable internal source of employee-driven innovation that drives business forward and gives competitive advantage.

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