We continue improving PPM Express by adding new features and improving the existing functionality. This July we have released several exciting new features, including major updates of Jira integration.


New Features:



  • The Key Dates imported from any of the external systems can be deleted directly from the section header
  • The external system icon has been added to the Key Date/Iterations/Risks editing panel. You can click on it and navigate right to the key date/iteration/risk in the external system.



  • Fix for cursor jumping when editing the filter name. 
  • Fix for the case when Office 365 users with uppercase letters in the principal name did not receive email notifications.
  • Fix for the case when the ‘Invalid Date’ message is displayed on the Import Key Dates panel if browser language is not English.


1) Jira Server connection


We have added a possibility to link PPM Express Projects to Jira Server projects. You can add a Jira Server connection to PPM Express and import projects from Jira Server or link your existing PPM Express projects to Jira Server. 



2) Import of Key Dates From Jira


This functionality allows importing items from Jira to PPM Express as key dates. If you have added a Jira connection to PPM Express and linked a PPM Express project to a Jira project, it is possible to import items from Jira to the PPM Express project as Key Dates.


You can select the required items from the list on the Import Key Dates page. As you click the Confirm button the selected items will be added to the Key Dates section.


The statuses, due date, and the names for the imported Key Dates are imported from Jira and cannot be changed within PPM Express. If there are any changes to these items in Jira, they will be applied to PPM Express Key Dates automatically as soon as the data synchronization is completed. Only native PPM Express fields can be edited in the imported Key Dates.


3) Action Items & Key Decisions Sections


Action Items and Key Decisions sections are now available on the Portfolio Details page as well. Action Items section allows tracking activities related to the successful delivery of the portfolio. Key Decisions section allows adding information as for the key decisions, add people, date, description of the key decisions on the portfolio.


4) New Licensing Approach


We have implemented a new licensing approach. From now on PPM Express provides five subscription plans that you can select from:

  • Core Monthly Plan
  • Core Annual Plan 
  • Professional Monthly Plan
  • Professional Annual Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

For the pricing details and the information about what is included in each plan, please refer to PPM Express Pricing.


To select the required PPM Express plan visit the Billing settings page.  


5) Projects/Portfolios Sharing


We have added the possibility to share Projects and Portfolios. Users can share a project/portfolio with other users from the project/portfolio details page.


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