This December we have added several new great features to PPM Express.

1) Change currency for your PPM Express tenant

Starting from December 2019 it is possible to change currency for PPM Express Tenant.  This update has been made based on multiple customer requests, and it’s important for us that now PPM Express customers from all over the world are able to use their local currencies in project and portfolio budgeting.

As the currency is changed, it will be applied to the whole PPM Express tenant and will be set for all budget sections of projects, portfolios and ideas and for all cost-related fields within the tenant.

The currency is changed via FluentPro Financials application. It is a build-in application within PPM Express that allows to create and manage budgets. All the settings as for the budget section are set via FluentPro Financials application. As you click on the settings option of the Budget section FluentPro Financials application will be opened in a new window and you will be offered to select the currency from the list.

2) New statuses ‘N/A’ and ‘Done’

New states ‘N/A’ and ‘Done’ were added to portfolio, projects and key date statuses.  Choose ‘N/A’ status for the project sections that are not applicable or not relevant for your project. Select ‘Done’ status for project sections or key dates that have already been finished and do not impact your project anymore.

Also, Status History is available for each status. It allows to track when and who updated the status. As the status information changes, status history shows who made the changes and what changes were made exactly. You can navigate to the Info option to see the details as for the status changes.

3) Create a Project in Project Online from PPM Express

A possibility to create a project in Project Online from PPM Express directly while linking PPM Express project to Project Online project has been added.

If you would like to create a new project in Project Online and link it to PPM Express project, it is now possible to select ‘New project’ option while adding Project Online connection and linking projects.

Just select New Project option after the connection is added and press Create project button to create the project in Project Online and link the newly created project to PPM Express project.

Using this feature, executives can save their time, avoid switching from system to system and manage all the work in one unified system.


4) OAuth authentication type for Project Online connection 

OAuth authentication type is now available while adding Project Online connection to PPM Express.

If you have OAuth authentication enabled, you can use this authentication type when you add Project Online connection to PPM Express. Following the steps in the Create Connection window, you will register PPM Express application and add Project Online Connection successfully.


5) “Manage external connections” permission

A new permission is added to People Management page and allows to grand permissions to users for creating/refreshing connections in PPM Express.

This permission is granted by default to all users with Professional license type and can be unchecked by PPM Express administrator, if needed.


6) Copy items from the project sections of one project to another

This functionality helps saving the time for adding information to the project or portfolio sections of each project/portfolio. Instead of adding the information manually, it can now be copied over, if the section items are more or less the same in the projects/portfolios.

Export and import options feature is used for this purpose that is available for all sections except Team, Schedule, Details and Statuses, as they do not have a table view. Only the items from the sections that have table view can be copied over.

The items from the project/portfolio section will be exported to the .csv file format and then this file can be used to import the information from the .csv file to the project/portfolio section of the required project/portfolio.

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