We never stop improving PPM Express, and today we have several interesting functionality updates to share with you. During August and September, we have released the My Space section, added new capabilities in user management, and more.


New Features:

  • Inactive Users Replacement is now available
  • You can now delete unnecessary connections in PPM Express. 
  • Portfolio Strategic Alignment was added to OData.
  • We added the My Space page where you can review your assignments and other information. 
  • From now on, in the case of failed project synchronization, Tenant Administrators will receive an alert message.
  • ‘Assigned to’ field was added to the Key Dates section. 



  • The synchronization process for Planner connection has been improved and the number of synchronizations running simultaneously has been limited to avoid sync failures.
  • We improved the performance of data rendering and calculation in Resource Management Power BI Reports.
  • You can now allocate the selected resource to the project by clicking on the ‘Add to Project’ button on the Resource Details page.      
  • ‘Add to Project’ and ‘Remove from Project’ options added to the Resource Utilization page. These options allow adding to and removing the selected resource from the project.      
  • Proposed and Committed resource booking types are now available in PPM Express.
  • Resource Management Power BI report has been updated. It allows reviewing the information for Resources Capacity, Availability, Utilization, Allocation, Overallocation, etc. for committed and proposed resources.  



  • Fix for the case when PPM Express Tasks were not copied after cloning the project.
  • Fix for scrolling multiple text fields by users with View-only access.     
  • Fix for the graph API error (‘Failed to process content in attachment’).
  • Fix for the error that occurred during editing Action Item status.


1) Deleting of Connections


PPM Express allows deleting the connections added previously using the import option or via linking projects, portfolios, or resources screen. Only users who have Manage Integrations permissions can delete connections from PPM Express. The connection is added for the whole tenant, so if the connection is deleted by the users with Manage Integrations permissions, the connection will be deleted from PPM Express tenant. All related data will be deleted as well. 


If you delete the connection all projects and resources that used the selected connection will be unlinked. All related data will be also deleted (iterations, risks, issues, etc. imported from the linked connection). 


The connection can be deleted from the Import Projects and/or Resources screen, from the Projects, Portfolio, and/or Resources Details screen. The best way to review the full list of existing connections and delete the unnecessary ones is to use the Import Projects or Import Resources option. 



2) Inactive Users Replacement


We have added a possibility to replace users in PPM Express. There may be several cases when it will be necessary to replace users. For example, a user’s email has changed, the user is no longer with the company and a new user joined the team, etc.

The users can be replaced in the People Management section by PPM Express Administrator only.

When the user is replaced with a new user, the corresponding resources will be merged on the Resources page. All user and resource assignments will be merged and the changes applied to the new user.



Once replaced, the inactive user will be removed. User assignments will be transferred to another user selected for replacement. Associated resource data will be merged into the resource selected as a replacement. 


3) My Space Page


My Space page is a place where you can review all Tasks, Action Items, Risks, and Issues assigned to you. This page was designed to help users organize their work as here they can easily see what tasks they have assigned for this week, next week, late tasks, critical ones, etc.

My Space page displays internal PPM Express items assigned to you, as well as your assignments, such as Tasks, Issues, and Risks synchronized from Planner and/or Project Online if any (available for Professional and Enterprise license types). Items synchronized from other external systems will not be displayed on the My Space page. 

My Space page consists of two sections: Summary tiles and My Assignments. You can apply multiple filters to quickly review the information according to your needs.


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