PPM Express Digest: What’s New in October 2022?

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Oh, the happy day has come! PPM Express now integrates the Smartsheet project portfolio management tool as it adds another feather to its cap. 

The latest integration offers an ever-more versatile project management software that helps project managers and teams work in an easy-to-use and friendly atmosphere.

Importing Smartsheet data and linking with PPM Express, the teams gain access to advanced tools and decision-making abilities, enabling team leaders and project heads to make timely and informed decisions.

Henceforth, teams can benefit from Smartsheet integration in the:

  • Efficient Resource Management: Integrate all your resources and optimize utilization to avoid task conflicts. 
  • Better Organization: Teams can easily define different programs and portfolios and keep separate tracking such as project status, deadlines, budgets, costs, and running issues for enhanced project organization. 
  • Better Management: Scale enterprise-level activities without worries as PPM Express comes with planning, budgeting, tracking, and even HR management. 
  • Dashboards and Roadmaps: Know the complete picture at a glance with PPM Express Dashboards. Allow for overall tracking with roadmaps and even share with stakeholders

Additionally, there were several changes in PPM Express task management this month:

Soft Dependencies and Different Dependency Types Are Now Available in PPM Express Task Management

Before: There was only one type of dependency: Finish to Start. If the dependency was added, the start date of the dependent task was read-only. It switched automatically to the next day of the predecessor task finish date.

Now: There are four types of dependencies. An additional tab was added to the Edit Task window. The lead and lag time was added for internal task dependencies.

Dependencies can now be deleted from the timeline directly.

The project tasks page can now be opened from the Projects page

This option is available from all views: card, timeline, and table. Clicking on it, you can open the PPM Express tasks page or the tasks page of the linked system, if any. 

It is now possible to open the PPM Insights page from the Project dashboard

To open the PPM Express Insights page from the Project dashboard, click on the ellipsis button to open the settings and select the PPM Insights option. The Insights page will be opened, displaying the information for the project you are working with (the corresponding filter is applied automatically). 

Running on secure Microsoft Azure, PPM Express is cloud software that comes ready to use and can be tinkered with for organization or project-specific needs. With no need for a dedicated IT team or a consultant, PPM Express offers a faster and more feasible method for project portfolio management.

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We’re gladly meet you on our next updates! 

PPM Express Digest: What’s New in October 2022?
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