Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communication platform designed for businesses and organizations. It allows teams to collaborate on projects, share information, and communicate with each other in real time.

Teams offers a range of features such as video conferencing, chat, document sharing, task management, and integration with other Microsoft apps like SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office 365.  Teams can be organized into channels dedicated to a specific topic or project

The platform also offers third-party app integration like PPM Express and customization options, making it a highly flexible tool for various business needs.

Benefits and features of using MS Teams

Here are seven benefits of using Microsoft Teams.

  • Microsoft Teams offers a centralized platform for communication, allowing team members to communicate via chat, video calls, and document sharing, all within one platform. 
  • With features like task management and document collaboration, Teams enhances productivity by making it easy to stay organized and work together more efficiently. Teams can also be integrated with other Microsoft apps like Outlook and OneDrive, further increasing productivity.
  • The platform offers a virtual workspace, allowing teams to conduct meetings, share information, and collaborate from anywhere in the world.
  • Teams encourages collaboration by providing a platform for teamwork and offering multiple channels for team members to work together on projects. The ability to collaborate on documents in real-time also enhances collaboration and fosters creativity.
  • Microsoft Teams provides enterprise-level security features, including encryption in transit and at rest, to ensure data privacy and security. Teams also offer administrator control over user permissions, further enhancing security.
  • Teams can be integrated with various third-party apps, allowing teams to customize the platform to their specific needs. This flexibility makes Teams highly adaptable and ideal for various business needs.
  • Teams is a cost-effective solution for collaboration, as it is included in many Office 365 subscriptions. This makes it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Tips for using MS Teams effectively

Here are some tips for using Microsoft Teams:

  • Use descriptive names and icons to make identifying and accessing the different teams and channels easier. Create channels for specific projects or topics to keep the communication focused.
  • Use Teams’ notification settings to customize how you receive notifications. You can choose to receive notifications for specific channels or teams and set quiet hours.
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts to save time when using Teams. For example, pressing “Ctrl + Shift + M” opens the command box for quick access to different features.
  • Utilize the chat features: Use Teams’ chat to send messages, share files, and make calls. You can also use @mentions to notify specific team members of a message or ask for their input.
  • Use Teams’ video conferencing features for virtual meetings and presentations. You can also use the screen-sharing feature to present documents or collaborate on projects in real time.
  • Download the Teams mobile app to stay connected and collaborate on-the-go. You can use the app to access teams, channels, and chats from your mobile device.
  • Explore third-party integrations to customize Teams to your specific needs. For example, you can integrate apps like Trello, Asana, or Zoom for enhanced productivity.

By following these tips, you can maximize your use of Microsoft Teams and make the most out of its features.

How to manage tasks in MS Teams

The MS Teams’ tasks app brings a complex task management experience to Microsoft Teams.

It can integrate your tasks from Microsoft To-Do and team tasks from MS Planner inside, and that’s how it becomes one of the most helpful integration hubs in your workspace, available in Teams desktop, web, and mobile clients.

There are two options available: My tasks and Shared plans, where you, as a user, can view and manage all tasks and prioritize work as you need to. 

There are various ways to add an application to Microsoft Teams. To add the Tasks application, named “Tasks by Planner and To Do,” you can search for it in the search bar.

How to add the "Tasks by Planner and To Do"application to Microsoft Teams

Within the Tasks app, the My tasks section displays the tasks you assigned or created. This list of tasks is exclusively yours to complete and mirrors most of the content that you can see in the To-Do app, including:

  • Tasks, which features a list of tasks that you’ve added in either Outlook or To-Do
  • The Important section provides a list of all the tasks that you’ve marked with a star in To-Do
  • The Planned lists all the tasks that have a due date in To-Do, arranged by date to aid in planning
  • The Assigned to me section will contain all the tasks in Microsoft Planner that have been assigned to you, and this list will only be visible if you have enabled the Planner task synchronization.

Microsoft Teams offers robust features, making it a great tool for collaboration and project management.

Microsoft Teams
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