PBIX file extension

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PBIX file extension is a file format used by Microsoft Power BI

PBIX stands for Power BI eXchange, and it’s used to save and share Power BI reports and data models. This business analytics service provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their reports and dashboards.

A PBIX file typically contains all the data, queries, and visualizations needed to create a report or dashboard. It can include multiple pages, each with its own set of visualizations. 

It can be connected to various data sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, or cloud-based services like Salesforce or Google Analytics.

The PBIX file format is designed to be portable, meaning that you can share your reports with others or open them on different devices without losing any data or functionality. You can also use PBIX files to collaborate with others by sharing them through Power BI service or SharePoint.

How to open PBIX file?

To open a PBIX file, install Microsoft Power BI Desktop on your computer. Power BI Desktop is a free application that you can download from the Microsoft website.

  1. Once you’ve installed Power BI Desktop, follow these steps to open a PBIX file:
  2. Launch Power BI Desktop by clicking on its icon in the Start menu or on your desktop.
  3. Click on the “Open” button in the Home tab of the ribbon menu.
  4. Navigate to the folder where your PBIX file is located and select it.

Click the “Open” button to load the PBIX file into Power BI Desktop.

Alternatively, you can double-click on the PBIX file in Windows Explorer to open it directly in Power BI Desktop.

Also, you can use Power BI service – an online version of Power BI. In its workspace, you see an Upload dropdown menu option next to the New button. 

How to upload PBIX file into Power BI service (online)

You can use the dropdown menu to connect to files stored in OneDrive or any SharePoint site. Also, you can upload them from your computer through the Browse menu option. 

Once you’ve opened a PBIX file in Power BI Desktop or Power BI service, you can explore its contents, edit its queries and visualizations, and create new pages or reports based on its data

PBIX file extension
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