Agile Framework

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There are many processes teams can utilize to fulfill the goals of product and software development. Of course, each method has its history, benefits, and principles. The agile framework is one such process that allows product development teams to fulfill their goals in no time.

You have come to the right place if you want to know more about the agile framework and apply it to your product. Here is everything you must know about it.

Agile Framework Definition

The framework uses agile processes to launch products and focus on customer satisfaction. The framework focuses on customers and incorporates the basics of being elegant. There are various agile frameworks you can choose for your team.

While each agile framework uses a different way, the end goal is the same. That is to increase customer satisfaction and release the product quickly. The framework incorporates the basics of the Agile Manifesto.

Types Of Agile Frameworks

Here are the top types of agile frameworks your team can use:

1. Scrum

It is the most popular and oldest agile framework. It helps sustainably develop complex products. Scrum prioritizes timely delivery of work at the end of each iteration throughout the process.

2. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DDSM)

The DDSM is not just for products, but for entire projects and organizations. The focus is on each stage of the project, from conception to completion. Many organizations use DDSM to fulfill their software and product development goals.

3. Extreme Programming (XP)

XP is utilizing the best practices and boosting quality work to fulfill goals. The priority of this agile framework is teamwork, communication, and collaboration, such as shared workspaces. Essential elements of the XP framework include pair programming and code refactoring.

4. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

The SAFe methodology will work best for you if you have a sizeable team. It combines elements from various frameworks such as XP, Kanban, and scrum to develop this philosophy. Many big product development organizations use this for their large teams.

5. Lean Software Development (LSD)

The LSD sets out guiding principles that will complement the values and principles highlighted in the Agile Manifesto. LSD has seven main principles. These include eliminating waste, constant learning, deferring decisions, fast delivery, team empowerment, integrity building, and seeing the entire picture.

6. Adaptive Software Development (ASD)

ASD is one of the most laser-focused frameworks. It boosts constant transparency and communication between the product development team and the customer. The framework focuses on an adaptive lifecycle that emphasizes collaboration, learning, and speculation.

Final Words

That is everything you must know about the agile framework and the top six most popular ones in the world of product development. There are many other frameworks you can use for your team to boost customer satisfaction and create the best products. So, select the one that suits your organization best and notice how smooth all operations become in no time.

Agile Framework
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