Definition Of Ready

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The agile scrum framework includes many terms and processes you must be familiar with. These will help you create better solutions for the entire team as they focus on product development. The definition of ready (DoR) is an important parameter to set before a sprint takes place.

It will clear confusion between team members and guarantee everyone is on the same page. Here is everything you must know about the DoR.

Definition of Ready Explained

The DoR is an agreement set that will let you know if something is ready or good to begin. For example, the DoR agreements will tell you if a user story is ready for the sprint. Besides that, it can also let you know if all the conditions are appropriate for a team to begin the sprint.

In contrast with the definition of done (DoD), you can revisit and modify the DoR. We also recommend you consult your teams to define the DoR, as they are responsible for execution. The story or task whenever everyone offers a consensus.

Purpose Of A Definition Of Ready

The DoR deals with user stories, specifically where the user story can be taken into a sprint. Now, the DoR does not need to be defined as 100%. However, it must at least be ready enough that the entire team feels confident they can successfully deliver the user story.

In the long run, it will help you save your team’s time if each user story meets the DoR before sprint planning. However, it is also acceptable to work on the user stories during sprint planning and bring it to the DoR status.

Why Must You Set The Definition Of Ready

The primary aim of setting the DoR is to help improve the team’s chances of meeting its sprint goals. After all, the only way to reach goals is to ensure everyone is confident in their responsibilities and tasks. So, here are a few reasons why you must set the DoR beforehand:

  • It can easily measure the ready state of a backlog item
  • It helps the team identify when another team member or the product owner is overwhelmed
  • It guarantees that the product backlog items have been thought meticulously
  • It ensures that the team members are accountable to one another
  • It reduces the pressure on team members to commit to estimates before the stories are ready

These are the top five reasons product owners must set the DoR before beginning a sprint. It helps define goals and optimizes the entire process to ensure everyone shares the same vision. Besides that, it also reduces the pressure on team members as everyone works together.

Final Words

To make the most out of your agile framework, you must focus on the DoR. When you meet the criteria of DoR, the team can also pick a technical task or story for a sprint. It will help align the team and guarantee the successful execution of the sprint.

Definition Of Ready
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