Agile Portfolio Management 

PPM Express is a Project Portfolio Management platform that helps organizations establish framework for management, monitoring and controlling delivery of waterfall, agile and hybrid projects.

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Enterprise Agility as a Route to Success

The enterprise world is rapidly adopting Agile. During this transformation, PMO and executives realize it is necessary to support a variety of existing and new approaches and project management methodologies. However, differences in terms of tools and delivery methods make cross-enterprise project and portfolio management challenging.

Manage Portfolios of Agile Projects

Portfolio Management

View portfolios of projects, define and control budgets, monitor progress.

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Iterations and Deliverables

View and monitor progress of individual projects, epics, iterations, milestones, releases and deliverables.

Enterprise-Grade Reporting

Use Power BI for executive reports and dashboards on work streams, releases, deliverables, epics and features.

How It Works

Portfolio Define Portfolios Create portfolios , organize projects and epics, track statuses & control budgets. Project portfolio management software tools Projects Link / Import Projects From Azure DevOps or Atlassian JIRA Link your projects in Jira or Azure DevOps and see all data in one dashboard. View and manage statuses, iterations, progress, team, and budgets. Slide Gain Complete Portfolio Visibility Use 360 degree view of projects and portfolios and manage statuses of all projects, in one place. Slide Create & Manage Budgets/Actuals for Projects and Portfolios Create and track budgets for projects and portfolios – increase accountability, improve the accuracy of planning and execution of projects. Slide Portfolio Release Planning Visualize your projects portfolio roadmap, plan portfolio and project releases, track portfolio milestones and statuses in detailed reports. Slide View and Control Resource Utilization View all aggregated resource assignments and utilization across tools, projects and portfolios. Slide Powerful Analytics and Reporting Use 30+ reports and dashboards to visualize and analyze projects, and portfolios, statuses and progress. Project portfolio management software tools

Advanced Capabilities for Agile PMO

‘Big Picture’ on All Levels

PPM Express provides visualized understanding on how projects and programs progress on larger scale. Timely status updates, ability to see the entire landscape of co-dependent projects drives smart decision-making.


PPM Express provides you with insightful Power BI reports for a complete day-to-day portfolio health monitoring and status management.

Fast Time-to-Market

Agile methodologies provide the fastest time-to-market, waterfall projects are the easiest in terms of management, and hybrid model gives you the best of both worlds. With PPM Express you can have projects of any methodology and yet avoid losing the ‘big picture’.

System Thinking

While maintaining the freedom of choice for the teams, executives can oversee the entire process and make sure all the projects are committed to the common goals of the organization.

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Cross-domain Planning

In modern enterprises, a single project can be executed by different teams, departments or even divisions. PPM Express allows to keep these distributed elements aligned to the common goal.


Leaders support decentralized decision-making by equipping teams with the knowledge and ability to use tools and delivery models of their choice and align it with team interests.