Our team is constantly working on new features and improvements of current functionality, to make your experience with PPM Express as perfect as it can be. This month, we released a new design for timelines and added some useful features that will speed up your work in PPM Express. Stay tuned, as we have big plans for the coming months!


1) Connect Several Source Applications to One PPM Express Project

If you manage several Teams (e.g. Developers, QAs, Designers, Marketing Managers, Sales, etc.) that work on the same Project, but use different work management systems to track the progress of their tasks we have great news for you! Starting August 2019, PPM Express provides an ability to link one project created in PPM Express to several projects managed in different systems. PPM Express allows combining project progress and general project information (resources, key dates, issues, risks, etc.) from several source systems at once.

Linking PPM Express Project to several source systems (e.g. Jira and Planner) allows to avoid constant switching between different work management systems trying to get the whole picture of your Project progress. From now on you can keep track of overall project progress and have project information in one place.




2) Clone Existing PPM Express Projects

We have added the ability to clone an existing PPM Express Project. If you clone PPM Express Project, a complete copy of this project will be created, so that you can avoid manual configuration of Project Details Page when you create a new Project similar to an existing one. Project statuses, fields and columns of project sections, as well as their position on the Project Details Page, will be copied from the existing Project to the new Project.

The entire Details section information, Key dates and Iterations that have been previously created in the existing PPM Express Project, will be copied as well. If the Project was linked to any of the source systems PPM Express supports, data synchronized from the source system will not be copied over. You can link the copied Project to any of the source systems supported.




3) Bulk DeleteĀ Projects, Portfolio or Resources

From now on, you can bulk delete Projects, Portfolios, and Resources you do not need anymore. To delete Portfolios that have been already closed, or which you do not need anymore, just switch to the Portfolio Configurable Table of Timeline View, select the Portfolios you would like to delete and click Delete button. A number of Projects can be deleted from Configurable Table and Timeline views as well.

If you would like to delete several Resources, open the Resources page, select the ones you do not need and click Delete button.





4) Portfolio & Project Timeline Redesign

Timeline View for Projects and Portfolios was re-designed for your convenience. It is now possible to review the details for your Project and Portfolio in general or see the information for the Key Dates and Iterations from the Timeline directly by navigating to the timeline hints.

A table with Project information has been added to the Summary section on Portfolio Details page. It displays information about the number of Projects by status, by progress, and key dates. Now you can get information about your Projects within Portfolio even faster.





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