AI for
Project Management

PPM Insights™ is an AI-powered module that reduces project risks and increases Project Manager’s productivity by discovering and proactively monitoring issues and problems in the projects, forecasting statuses and notifying stakeholders with important alerts.

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Challenges of Project Management

Lack of Clarity

Project statuses are often subjective and not always up-to-date, and understanding the true state of portfolios and projects is time-consuming and ineffective.

Subjectivity of Status

Teams and Project Managers are always optimistic about actual state of projects, and there is a risk of missing the moment when corrective action should have been taken to keep project on-track, on-time and on-budget

Lack of Proactive Management

Project Managers and management do not see in advance the signals for problems approaching and have to fight project problems when status changed from “green” straight to the “red” last minute.

Manual Work

Project monitoring and status management is manual, time consuming and limited by capabilities of existing project management tools

Identify Problems with Machine Learning / AI

Make Timely Decisions


Increase the quality of Project Management by implementing AI-powered, proactive project management approach:

  • Replace opinion-based, subjective statuses with equitable, data-driven status forecasting system that calculates realistic project statuses automatically
  • Benefit from early detection of anomalies and issues on the projects

Increase Productivity


With our AI system, organizations free up to 80 hours, per project manager, per year. Be more productive, deliver more by optimizing time that you spend on project monitoring, tracking, status reporting and project administration work.

Drive Clarity, Control Success


With PPM Insights, project management team has clear plan of actions, highly focused, more productive and delivers more projects on-time and within budget.

Quality Data You Can Trust


Support decisions in your organization with accurate data you can trust: with PPM Insights, management relies on data identified by AI that reflects objective, data-driven and actual state of the projects.

Increase PPM ROI


With PPM Insights implemented, project managers are more productive. Get ROI of up to 900% along with increase in productivity, timely and accurate decisions, higher quality of data and increase in project success rates.

How PPM Insights Works

1. Connect to data

Connect to Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Planner, JIRA and Azure DevOps

2. Establish Data Flow

PPM Express reads, aggregates and transforms all the needed project data (tasks, assignments, projects, risks, issues) for use in machine learning models.

3. AI Processing

The project data is processed with machine learning algorithms to identify key parameters, forecast and generate impacting data points for projects and portfolios, based on actual state of projects.

4. Forecasting Phase

AI resolves identified key parameters and generates action plan for each project

5. Proactive Problem Resolution

PPM Insights provides a single interface for managing and tracking of all the project issues and anomalies detected

6. Push Notifications

If necessary, you can turn on push notifications to Microsoft Teams about project changes, daily and weekly summary statuses and updates.

Available for Enterprise Subscriptions.
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Benefits for PMO

Improved executive decision making powered with real data

Access to true statuses of projects

Proactive problem identification and resolution for projects and portfolios

Ability to address identified problems as soon as they appear

Increased productivity of project managers and ability to spend time on what matters instead of administrative work

Benefits for PMs

Up to 50% less time spent on project administration

Optimized work time with an ability to spend more time on creativity and team collaboration

Less project risks due to proactive and timely work on resolving project issues

Ability to create data-based status reports based on real state of projects and provide a clear picture to PMOs and stakeholders