PPM Insights

PPM Insights™ is an AI-based system that proactively monitors, discovers and notifies stakeholders with alerts and information about issues and problems on the projects. 

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Challenges of Project Management 1.0

Unclear Statuses

Project statuses are often unclear and are not always up to date, and “solving the puzzle” of uncertain information is time-consuming for project managers and executives.

Subjectivity & Mistake

Opinion dependency as well as a simple mistake can “blur the eye” as to real state of projects, and there is a risk of missing the moment where administrative action should have been taken.

No Preventive Management

Executives cannot see the problem coming and take preventive actions in a situation where the status changes from “green” straight to “red” in one day.

Poor Analytics

There is no or not enough analytics about PMs’ work, productivity and issues on projects, that's why executives aren't always able to see ineffective managers.

Intelligent Issue Detection

Level-up the Maturity of PMO


Improve the maturity of PMO processes and the quality of project management control by implementing AI-based, proactive project management approach:

  • Replace opinion-based statuses with equitable, data-driven status reporting system that calculates real project statuses automatically
  • Implement early detection of anomalies and issues on every project (late tasks / milestones, resources, risks / issues, data quality issues)

Save Project Managers’ Time


Optimize time project managers spend on project monitoring, tracking, status reporting and administration and save up to 80 man-hours for each Project Manager annually. PPM Express provides an up to date summary action plan for each project: identified issues and actions to be taken, both, overdue and upcoming.

Drive Project Success


Increase the success rate of projects with an ability of detecting and resolving project anomalies and issues on the earliest stages of project life cycle.

Get Project Data to Work for You


Make decision making in your organization more data-driven and accurate: with PPM Insights executives can forget opinion-based statuses and rely on status reports powered with project data and AI which represent real situation on projects.

Optimize ROI


Direct ROI of 400% to 900% due to significant time savings, better decision making, higher accuracy of reporting and increased project success rate.

How PPM Insights System Works

1. Interconnectivity

Among other systems like Microsoft Planner and Jira, PPM Express connects to Microsoft Project Online.

2. Data Flow

The system extracts all the needed project data form Microsoft Project Online and other systems of record (tasks, assignments, projects, risks, issues).

3. AI Processing

The project data is processed with machine learning algorithms to forecast statuses and generate reports for projects and portfolios, based on actual state of projects.

4. Status Updates

The updated statuses are pushed back to Project Online if needed.

5. Anomalies Tracking

PPM Insights provides a single interface for tracking of all project issues and anomalies using AI-powered algorithms and indicates overdue, current and upcoming activities for all projects.

6. Push Notifications

If necessary, you can turn on push notifications to Microsoft Teams about project changes, daily and weekly summary statuses and updates.

Benefits for PMO

Improved executive decision making powered with real data

Access to true statuses of projects

Proactive problem identification and resolution for projects and portfolios

Ability to address identified problems as soon as they appear

Increased productivity of project managers and ability to spend time on what matters instead of administrative work

Benefits for PMs

Up to 50% less time spent on project administration

Optimized work time with an ability to spend more time on creativity and team collaboration

Less project risks due to proactive and timely work on resolving project issues

Ability to create data-based status reports based on real state of projects and provide a clear picture to PMOs and stakeholders

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Aware = Ready to Act

As an executive who monitors multiple projects at the same time, you rely on portfolio and project managers to deliver updates. This is not always effective and done in timely mannner and it makes you dependent on people and unprotected against ‘human factor’.

PPM Insights is a solution that changes this status quo and optimizes the process by deploying an automated issue detection system.