PPM for Non-profit Organizations

At PPM Express – we try to help world become better. We offer free PPM Express licenses to all non-profit organizations – regardless of type, financial power and location to digitally transform your operations, improve control, execution and delivery of your projects and initiatives.

Digital Transformation:
PPM to do More for Your Cause

Many non-profit organizations run projects on limited budgets without a meaningful ability to get a consolidated project portfolio view.

PPM Express natively integrates with many existing project management tools and brings all your disparate and disconnected projects into a single-view dashboard.

We help you simplify your processes and save your otherwise valuable funds for your primary cause!

Benefits For Your Team

Project & Task Management for Teams

PPM Express is a modern intelligent platform for lightweight project and task management which improves collaboration within teams and allows for effective and easy work management, progress tracking, and status reporting.

You can either create and manage native projects and tasks in PPM Express or connect external systems, such as Jira, Azure DevOps, Project Online to improve visibility, control key dates deadlines, and stay focused.

Project Portfolio Management & Visibility

Connect to Azure DevOps, Jira Software, Office 365 Planner, Microsoft Project Online and access high-level project portfolio visibility and valuable up-to-date insights about all work across the organization, so that you can make data-driven decisions faster.

Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

Our AI-powered status reporting system analyzes project data, detects inconsistencies and anomalies, and automatically calculates statuses based on multiple criteria and real data. These statuses can be used by project managers and teams to understand the most appropriate action plan to address all the present issues before they become critical, to reduce project risk, and avoid delivery “surprises”.

Resource Planning & Forecasting

Plan new work, manage resource utilization, and find available resources when needed. Reduce risks by eliminating work overloads and burn-outs. Obtain absolute clarity across teams and projects.

PPM For Non-profit : Eligibility

Professional Associations
Veterans Organizations
Arts & Culture Organizations
Environmental Organizations
Educational Funds & Charities
International NGOs
Health Charities
Religious Organizations
If nothing on this list applies to your organization, contact us.

All non-profit organizations eligible for Professional Plan with 5 pro licenses and 10 team member licenses.

We use Microsoft Power BI as reporting platform. Users that need to work with reports need to have their own Power BI licenses.

You can use our online knowledge portal for quick reference and general “how to”

In case additional PPM Express seats needed, we offer a discount for the Professional and Enterprise Plans depending on your non-profit status and size of user base

We offer a consulting package for all non-profit organizations to help get started – configure PPM Express to your requirements, connect your systems, setup users and permissions, import an initial set of projects, train users.

PPM Express non-profit plan is offered “as is” without limitations in functionality. Please request your account activation by filling the form below or sending an email to sales@ppm.express and be prepared to provide proof of your “non for profit” status if needed.

Our Trial process is Fast and Simple as 1-2-3:

Step 01/

Quick, 15-20 minutes call to understand your objectives, requirements, expectations.

Step 02/

Personalized, 60-minutes demo of PPM Express to show how it can support your use cases.

Step 03/
Trial / Pilot

30-day long, supervised FREE Trial / Pilot to experience PPM Express firsthand. + Free Onboarding

Request Trial
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