Integrated Project Portfolio Management

Teams in modern enterprises use different project management tools that fit their needs and are effective. But there is a problem – projects are all over the place and leaders lack the consolidated view of the entire Portfolio of Projects.

Get Integrated Portfolio Visibility and Enterprise Project Portfolio Management with PPM Express

Our customers integrate existing project management systems like Jira, Azure DevOps, MS Planner, Project Online into one platform and protect existing investments.

Companies receive a real-time, accurate, and trustworthy information about all projects managed in the organization.

Executives, PMO leaders and project stakeholders see increased productivity, information accuracy and real-time information to support decisions.

Security as top priority

PPM Express is an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Platform – and we take our responsibility to protect and secure your information seriously and strive for complete transparency around our security practices.

Available in US and EU datacenters; PPM Express is GDPR compliant.

PPM Express services and data are hosted in SOC I-, SOC II – and ISO-accredited data centers
Access control
Single sign-on support
Strong data encryption in transit and at rest (FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption algorithms)
Data Segregation
Ontinuous network and security monitoring
Advanced Product Security Capabilities (access rights, login security, tenant deletion, etc.)
This is How PPM Express Makes it Work

Integrate You Existing Enterprise Projects

PPM Express, cloud portfolio management tool, integrates existing projects into a single dashboards for absolute visibility, transparency, and clarity. With projects, organized into sub portfolios companies can view projects from any angle.

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Start Capturing Ideas and New Projects with Ideation Management

In constantly changing business environment, modern organizations need a way to engage employees and capture new ideas and request for new project / new work. PPM Express provides a lightweight module for Ideation and Project Intake.

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Prioritize New Ideas and Projects in Flight

In constantly changing business environment, modern organizations never stop prioritization of the new work and re-prioritization of work in progress. With three prioritization models available – project scoring, weighted grading and strategic priorities alignment – PPM Express enables adaptive portfolio management in enterprises.

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Better Plan and Manage Utilization with Lightweight Resource Planning

Manage resource pool, calendars, monitor resource utilization and plan available resources for upcoming work. User visual resource utilization charts, reduce risks by eliminating overallocation and use all modern resource management capabilities.

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View Release Plans and Portfolio Roadmaps

Build visual portfolio roadmaps, plan and track key dates, milestones, and release dates for projects and portfolios – all in easy to use, visual way.

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Support Decisions with Executive Portfolio Reports, Analytics and BI on Microsoft Power BI Platform

Use over 70+ Power BI reports to report on portfolios, projects and resources. Enable the leadership team and project stakeholders with all the data they need to make effective decisions and avoid bottlenecks.

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Scaled portfolio management

PPM Express is a true Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Platform that supports multiple instances for your development, test and production environments as well as separate instances for detarments.

Available in US and EU datacenters; PPM Express is GDPR compliant.

Support PPM Lifecycle – Production, Staging, Test or Development Environment
Instances for different departments and business units
Cross-tenant access control
This is How PPM Express Makes it Work
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PPM Express for Project Portfolio Management and Visibility

Be Aligned with Strategic Objectives, Focus on Strategy, Control Execution and Delivery

Summary view

Day-to-day portfolio visibility and line of sight to what projects are on track and which are at risk is critical, and executives need it without being overwhelmed with data. PPM Express provides a summary view where you can actually see the forest for the trees.

Real picture you can trust

PPM Express takes data straight from systems of record, whether it is Jira, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Project Online, or Planner. Get an accurate view of reality instead of picturing the state of things from the reports that’s often have been re-written several times by multiple people.

Make right decisions quickly

The executive’s work is to make fast, effective, and insightful decisions backed with quality data. It is impossible without clear visibility and transparency into the day-to-day progress of the PMO, as well as a ‘big picture’ of the entire portfolio.

No more spreadsheets

It’s time to get rid of the spreadsheets and all these disconnected manual processes that you’ve been using to achieve at least some level of portfolio visibility. PPM Express will be your single system of accountability, where you can see your project portfolio as a whole.

Stay relevant

Leave countless PowerPoint slides and handcrafted reports in the past. With PPM Express, you can communicate the current state of every single project within the portfolio, achieve the needed level of visibility, and operate with the latest project information.

Confidence & accountability

Help teams stay accountable without extra bureaucracy and paperwork providing executives and PMOs with accurate, quality information and visibility. Everybody can stay on the same page and be confident that they deliver on their commitments.

Our Trial process is Fast and Simple as 1-2-3:

Step 01/

Quick, 15-20 minutes call to understand your objectives, requirements, expectations.

Step 02/

Personalized, 60-minutes demo of PPM Express to show how it can support your use cases.

Step 03/
Trial / Pilot

30-day long, supervised FREE Trial / Pilot to experience PPM Express firsthand. + Free Onboarding

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