What is a Product Portfolio Roadmap?

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It is challenging to manage multiple product lines and products within product lines. Product management teams must keep track of dependencies and dates, and need to ensure that their products are aligned with enterprise-strategic objectives.  This is might be done through portfolio roadmaps.

Portfolio roadmaps are visual strategy representations across multiple products and product lines.

Generally, teams use them to align and visualize complex relationships between products and teams, each product, and the overall objectives and initiatives. 

How to Build a Portfolio Roadmap 

These are the steps for building your portfolio roadmap

Step 1: Identify your Objectives and Initiatives 

strategic objectives roadmap

There is an enterprise vision and set of strategic objectives for all organizations.  

For each portfolio of products, you should have a set of strategic objectives that are aligned with enterprise goals.  

Step 2: Prioritize Key Initiatives 

Once you have agreed on a strategy, identify the initiatives in your backlog that will deliver benefits to the product or product line. 

There are always a lot of initiatives, and many of them can benefit your goals. It is critical to calculate which initiatives have the most significant impact and, as a result, the highest priority. 

Definitely, it’s vital to ensure that the highest priority things get done first across the entire portfolio management

Step 3: Identify the Work 

After establishing the initiatives, it’s time to decide the features and releases that deliver value. This allows all teams to see how each feature or release is aligned with the strategic initiatives and driven by strategy. Add all work into the backlog. 

Step 4: Prioritize the Work 

Once you have agreed on the work backlog, it is time to prioritize the features. It is essential to focus on prioritizing the highest value work first, leaving the low-priority items in the backlog/staging areas. 

Step 5: Visualize Your Roadmap 

product management roadmap ppm express

Now it is time to build a visual roadmap. 

Strategic initiatives can be set up as swim lanes. Many organizations love their milestones, and release dates go to the separate milestones/releases swim lane at the top of the portfolio roadmap. Tactical work goes inside the swim lanes.  

Work can be spread out over time to indicate approximate timeframes/time horizons. Timeframes for portfolio roadmaps should be in quarters and years. 

Why Build Portfolio Roadmaps? 

Portfolio roadmaps help teams to see an entire portfolio from a single perspective, making it easier for them to see how well strategy and work are aligned.  Organizations can thereby reduce or eliminate the risk of building the wrong products or working on features that are not aligned with their objectives. 

Portfolio roadmaps ensure that teams working on every product in the portfolio focus on building the right features within key initiatives and aligned with strategic objectives.  

A roadmap is an open communication and collaboration tool to communicate portfolio management strategy. Since everyone in an organization needs to be aware of product roadmaps and strategies. 

Which Tool to Use for Building a Roadmap? 

Many organizations choose PPM Express as their product management and roadmap software. PPM Express provides integrated product portfolio management capabilities and integrates with agile tools such as Jira and Azure DevOps

Your portfolio roadmap becomes dynamic, data-driven, and connected with software delivery platforms – this makes it possible for everyone in an organization to be aware of the direction and key initiatives being implemented within a product portfolio

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