12 Online Business Tools All Entrepreneurs Should Use in 2024

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Online business is a challenging yet exciting thing. Building up your online presence might sound like not the most exhausting task, but the constant management of your company might be. And a demand to ease your business-related tasks is common. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to fulfill it. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the online tools for business crucial for any entrepreneur in 2024. Let’s begin. 

Note: This article is a guest post by a contributing author.

Tools for online business

The first step is to find online business tools that will be effective for the beginning of your company, and that will help you create a platform for your business management.  These tools will be focused more on the beginning of your business journey.


Webflow interface

Weblium is a drag-and-drop website builder. The main advantage of this platform is that any type of business can use templates to create a site for their company. Many types of websites can be made, and they can be either a landing page or a complete online store with thousands of products and convenient integrations. 

You can connect different payment systems to your website and even reduce expenses by trying AI tools, which provide content generated by artificial intelligence. 


Typeform interface

Typeform is a platform that gives you an option to create unique forms for your business. The main goal of this platform is to get as much data as possible from your customers’ feedback to improve your services and find more relevant products for your store. 

The forms will be crucial for businesses and help you automate many processes in your company’s future.


Zapier interface

Zapier is an automatization service that significantly reduces the time required for completing different tasks and delivering projects inside your company. The working algorithm is simple. If one action occurs on the platform “A”, it will automatically launch a chain that will run processes on platforms “B” and “C”. 

Set up plots and enjoy automatic management of varying tasks. 


Snov.io interface

Snovio is a professional online business tool that is focused on giving you control over lead generation. The service allows one to manage different campaigns, send emails, find contacts on LinkedIn, and track emails

The service is excellent for B2B companies and will help a lot in making the process of understanding your customers better and will help in reaching interesting contacts for your company. 

Tools for marketing and analytics

While marketing will help you attract more customers to your business, while analytics will help you understand these customers. This is why online tools for marketing in the business will be a must-have. 

Google Ads

Google Ads interface

Google Ads will be a classical online business tool for promotion. This service helps you attract more potential customers via Google Search. To implement this service in the best way possible, you should create a landing page, specify the keywords for your company, and launch the ad.

The “auction-like” system will be understandable. You just need to estimate how much money you will pay for each click on your ad.


Semrush interface

Semrush is a platform that has a lot of research tools for marketers. This feature allows you to analyze keywords for your company, see how relevant your solutions are compared to competitors, and analyze the online visibility. 


Unbounce interface

Unbounce is an online tool for businesses that helps create targeted pages for small companies. The main advantage of this company is that it will be perfect for small businesses or relatively new companies on the market. 

With this tool, you will be able to create a target page easily, attract customers to it, connect different marketing tools, check how relevant your ideas are, manage ideas, and plan your further development steps.

Google Marketing Platform

GMP interface

Google Marketing Platform is a complex mechanism that gives you various tools for your needs. On the one hand, you can use some classical things like Google Ads, but you can also connect to Google Analytics to see how valid your ads are. 

This set of tools will be helpful for all types of marketers in different projects, but it is crucial to understand that it will work significantly better when used with other projects. 


Hotjar interface

Hotjar is a vast online business tool that focuses on one main task — improving the usability of your website. The tool analyzes the steps of your users on your website and gives you feedback about how convenient it is and how you can improve it within the complex product life cycle

Of course, if you are using a pre-made template, it will not be an issue because the user path is predicted. But if you add more sections and pages, this service will be crucial to understanding how reasonable your steps are. 

Tools for management

Management is also a crucial part of the business. Even if you have built everything up correctly, it will be a waste of resources without management. So, you need to find yourself tools, including Excel, for online businesses that are focused on management to make processes inside your company more convenient. 


Jira Kanban Board interface

Jira by Atlassian is a great organizer for your company. You can create different sheets for separate parts of your team, manage tasks, projects, and portfolios, set priorities, and inspect the overall process of reaching your goals. It will be one of the best online tools for business that will be understandable for all types of users. 

The timeline feature will help your team see the direction the company moves forward. The main advantage of this tool is that you don’t need to control it or set the ones responsible for some groups of processes. Workers can communicate with each other and set tasks for themselves by sorting them and dividing them into different categories. 

PPM Express

PPM Express roadmap interface

PPM Express is a comprehensive project and portfolio management tool that provides organizations with visibility, control, and insights into their project portfolios. It streamlines decision-making processes by consolidating project data, offering intuitive analytics based on Power BI, and ensuring alignment with business goals.

PPM Express seamlessly integrates with popular productivity tools, ensuring a unified platform experience for its users. Its user-friendly interface and robust features cater to both seasoned project managers and teams new to portfolio management, promoting efficiency and strategic alignment throughout the organization.


Trello interface

Trello is a tool that has a lot of things in common with Jira since Atlassian created both of them. However, the tool is relatively easier to understand and has a lot of advantages to offer. 

First of all, you can use regular boards for different departments. Different categories of tasks will be separated into small tables, where you will be able to see what are the current plans of your team. After that, you can inspect and edit cards for all workers in order to understand their tasks better or add your comments to them. 

Why should you use these marketing tools for your business?

The tools for online business described are great for all types of entrepreneurs. No matter you are a marketer, project manager, or even an owner of a company — you will get the benefits of using these tools for online business. 

Make sure to use ones that complement the idea of your business in the best way possible and that you will be able to implement in your workflow to improve it significantly. It will make task management, client understanding, and even the beginning of your company much better.

Dmytro Myroshnychenko

Content writer at Weblium, a global website builder with Ukrainian roots. Copywriter with 4 years of experience.

12 Online Business Tools All Entrepreneurs Should Use in 2024
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