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Microsoft Planner Gantt Chart

Task management is an essential process for every manager in day to day activity. With increasing Microsoft Planner adoption in large enterprises, medium and small organization – it is an essential requirement to view portfolio timelines for Microsoft Planner plans and to  visualize tasks in sequences on a Gantt chart for individual Microsoft Planner plans.

Gantt chart format is a traditional and widely used way to view plan tasks and timelines. As one of the ways to work with project plan, PPM Express supports the Gantt chart for Microsoft Planner. 

PPM Express is a cloud-based app and natively and securely integrates with Office 365 and Microsoft Planner.  With connected plans in Microsoft Planner to the PPM Express, users can view and manage plans, tasks and manage resource plan, risks, issues, budgets, and statuses for projects.


How PPM Express Works with Microsoft Planner

View and Manage Portfolio of Microsoft Planner plans with Gantt Chart View

PPM Express Project Portfolio View

When connected to Microsoft Planner, plans will be displayed in PPM Express on the timeline / Gantt chart. Executives, Program and Project Managers can view timeline, project status, current stage and any issues identified by our AI engine and always can drill-through to see more details.

View and Manage Project Statuses and Milestones for Microsoft Planner

planner plan status and description

PPM Express integrates your existing projects in Microsoft Planner into a single dashboards for visibility, transparency, and clarity. With projects, organized into sub portfolios, companies can view projects from any angle and manage them effectively,  prioritize the new work and re-prioritize work in progress. PPM Express supports three prioritization models – scoring, grading and strategic priority alignment against strategic objectives and priorities so organizations benefit from true, adaptive portfolio management capabilities for Microsoft Planner.



View and Manage Planner tasks in the Gantt chart

Project Managers can see all the tasks from Microsoft Planner plans inside PPM Express using Gantt chart and list view, view active, late, overdue and future tasks instantly.



Create and Manage Resource Plans for projects and teams

resource planning allocation - proposed change details

Project Managers can use the Team Planner module to assign and balance resource workload for a single project or across multiple projects. Project managers can find resources to be assigned based on their availability, skills, role and can be allocated in percent of allocation, FTE or can enter hours for each team member.

PPM Express provides instant visibility into all conflicts and provides warnings if resources are overallocated. As result, resources’ workload becomes more even and effective, with no conflicts and assignment gaps.


Create and Manage Budget

Want to track financials for the project, budget or actual cost? Sure, you can.


Works in Microsoft Teams

PPM Express app for Microsoft Teams lets user work with PPM Express right from Microsoft Teams channel. Users have all editing capabilities, so your team members do not have to switch any apps.

ppm express teams app planner tasks

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Use Microsoft Power BI for Reporting

PPM Express reporting includes a set of reports provides complete overview of all project statuses, including risks, issues and milestones, as well as information about project financials. We also provide a detailed reports on resource assignments, resource utilization and resource governance for your team.

Learn More about Power BI Reporting in PPM Express


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