Resource Management & Planning

Effective resource management is a matter of utmost importance for every organization. We work in a world where there is always too much work and not enough people to do it. Successful organizations are those who can allocate the limited talent pool to make it produce maximum value.Ā 

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PPM Express helps to maintain the effective and even workload, avoid overallocation and conflicts, and always have a clear understanding of the following:

  • when the project can be started
  • who can do the work
  • what is the impact on hiring plans
  • how changes in schedule affect resource utilization

Intelligent Resource Management

Optimize Capacity

Allocate team efforts more effectively and maximize your resource pool capacity by giving everybody has a steady flow of tasks with no overloads and no downtime.

Plan With Confidence

PPM Express provides companies with the tools to establish accurate resource planning and predictable project progress without hot spots and missed deadlines caused by overallocation.

Book & Avoid Conflicts

Always be certain of when exactly each resource is available and which resources with the needed skills can be booked right now.

Effective Resource Allocation

Plan Project Resources


During the project initiation stage, Project Managers can plan the team for their projects and create detailed resource plans for each stage based on the initial project schedule. PPM Express Resource Management module allows for seamless resource planning without conflicts and overallocation.

PPM Express - Resource utilization Chart, Project Portfolio Resource Planning

Control Workload & Plan Teams


Project Managers use the Team Planner module to assign resources to their projects based on their availability, configure % of allocation or enter hours for each resource, and receive warnings in case of any resource conflicts or overallocation. As a result, all resources’ workload becomes more predictable and effective, with no inequalities or spots.

Manage & Analyze the Resource Pool


With PPM Express resource management module and Power BI reports, you can see how resources are used on each project, the availability of each resource for the nearest future, which resources have too many tasks, which are lacking workload, and more.

Redefine Your Resource Strategy

With PPM Express today!

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