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Empower your Leaders with powerful and detailed PPM Reports and Dashboards in PPM Express.

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Make Better Decisions, Supported by Data

Comprehensive Reporting

PPM Express gives you better understanding of how your projects and portfolios progress.
Understand where the bottlenecks are and how your resources perform.

Real-Time Data

PPM Express reports updated automatically, several times a day. We make sure that you always have the latest data in reports.

Better Decisions

Use visually rich reports and dashboards and support the data driven decision making in your organization with PPM Express Reports.

Executive Reporting For Your Leadership Team

Are you looking for a project, resource, and portfolio management solution (PPM)?


Then – you are for sure familiar with the classic chicken-and-egg problem:
What comes first – PPM or Reports? In what order should I start if I want PPM implementation to go as smoothly as possible?

Our many years of experience have shown that reporting often seems to come last. When a PPM solution is introduced – they should go together!
PPM Express includes over 100 outstanding reports to meet all reporting requirements from the very beginning.
We are making sure that reporting addressed in the beginning since reports are the basis for all management decisions.

Portfolio Overview Dashboard

Portfolio Overview Report displays all portfolios, their statuses and projects with their statuses and milestones. Learn more about High-level Portfolio Management and Visiblity

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Portfolio Details

Portfolio Details Report displays information about one portfolio. View portfolio status with descriptions, list of projects that are part of it, together with financial details and milestones.

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Portfolio Prioritization

PPM Dashboards: Portfolio Strategic Prioritization displays information project and their alignments score vs Enterprise Strategic Objectives / Priorities. PPM Express provides a lightweight approach for ideation, innovation and project intake.

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Project Status Report

Project Status Report displays information current status of the project – statuses, description, key dates and milestones, risks, financial information. Reports highlight if any corrective actions need to be taken by PM or project leader.

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PPM Reports: Project Milestones

A project milestone is a task that shows an important achievement in a project. The milestones should represent a clear sequence of events that incrementally build up until your project is complete. This report displays all milestones and important events for the project.

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Project Tasks Overview

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Critical Milestones

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Resource Utilization

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Resource Utilization by Project

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