PPM Express & Microsoft Project Online

PPM Express expands the capabilities of Microsoft Project Online. It provides comprehensive tools for full portfolio visibility, takes project financials to a new level, and uses AI to identify and forecast issues, anomalies and variances on projects.

Maximize Capabilities of Microsoft Project Online

Intelligent Anomaly Detection

Replace opinion-based statuses with equitable, data-driven status forecasting system that calculates realistic project statuses automatically and allows for the early detection of anomalies and issues on projects.

Connected PPM & Portfolio Visibility

See disconnected information from multiple tools in one place by integrating projects from Microsoft Project Online, Azure DevOps, Jira, Microsoft Planner with PPM Express and get instant access to the ‘big picture’ of all the work managed in the organization.

Project Financials

Create and manage budgets, forecasts, actual costs for Microsoft Project Online projects and portfolios with advanced project financial management module that helps control project budget effectively.

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Increase Productivity


With our AI system, organizations free up to 80 hours, per project manager, per year. Be more productive, deliver more, and minimize time your project managers spend on project monitoring, issue detection, status reporting and administrative work.

Project Portfolio Visibility


PPM Express provides you with full portfolio visibility  across all projects you manage in Microsoft Project Online, Jira, Planner or Azure DevOps, so that you have an ability to see all project work managed by teams in one place. Create a framework of shared accountability and trust between project teams and executives and gain strong competitive advantage for your organization.

Drive Clarity, Control Success


With PPM Insights module that allows for detection of project anomalies, issues, and other signals of problematic projects, project management team has a clear plan of actions, stays focused, more productive and delivers more projects successfully, on time and within budget.

Real, Data-Driven Status Reports


Support decision-making process in your organization with accurate data you can trust: with PPM Insights executives rely on project statuses generated by AI that reflect objective, data-driven actual state of the projects.

Advance in Project Financials


With PPM Express’ advanced project financial management module you can create and manage budgets for your projects in Microsoft Project Online, forecast project costs, see actual costs for ongoing projects and portfolios, and control project budget effectively.

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How PPM Insights Module Works

1. Connect to data

Connect to Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Planner, JIRA and Azure DevOps

2. Establish Data Flow

PPM Express reads, integrates and transforms all the needed project data (tasks, assignments, projects, risks, issues) for use in machine learning models.

3. AI Processing

The project data is processed with machine learning algorithms to identify key parameters, forecast and generate impacting data points for projects and portfolios, based on actual state of projects.

4. Forecast Statuses

AI resolves identified key parameters, creates project status forecasts, and generates an action plan for each project.

5. Proactive Problem Detection

PPM Insights provides a single interface where managers and executives can manage and track all the project issues and anomalies detected by AI.

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6. Push Notifications

If necessary, there is a possibility to receive daily and weekly summary status updates and information about about project changes as push notifications in Microsoft Teams.

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