Microsoft Project Online Integration

PPM Express add integration of Microsoft Project Online with other PM tools like Microsoft Planner, Jira Software and Azure DevOps. Add Microsoft Project and Teams integration, Planner Integration for  Portfolio Visibility and Transparency at the completely new level.



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Still managing projects in multiple disconnected PM tools?

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Still requesting progress by email and then manually updating projects progress in Project Online?

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Projects in multiple disconnected tools with no integration, no ‘big picture’ view? 

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Disconnected and manual Reporting on your portfolios and projects?

How does it work?

Integrate your Project Management Tools, add Intelligent Alerts and Advanced Reporting

By integrating with Microsoft Project Online, Azure DevOps Boards, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Teams and Jira Software so you can view and manage all of your projects inside PPM Express and Microsoft Teams, without affecting how your teams normally uses tools of their choice.


Integration for Microsoft Project Online: Big Picture View, across teams and tools

PPM Express Project Portfolio Dashboard View

Absolute Portfolio Visibility


PPM Express provides you with portfolio visibility  across all projects. Connect projects in Microsoft Project Online, Jira Software, Microsoft Office 365 Planner or Azure DevOps and view all work in one place.

Clarity, Transparency and Control


PPM Insights advances your Portfolio Management in Microsoft Project Online to the next level with the automatic detection of project anomalies, issues, and variances.

You project management team have a clear plan of action, stays focused, more productive and delivers more projects on time.

PPM Insights - Intelligent Project Alerts, AI for Project Management
PPM Express Project Portfolio Dashboard View

Digital Transformation of PMO

Better visibility and freedom of choice leads to increased accountability and trust between project teams and leadership, resulting in strong competitive advantage for an organization.

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Teams Integration


With PPM Express App for Microsoft Teams, provide complete transparency for your project teams. Display project dashboards for projects manage them in Microsoft Teams.

PPM Express in Microsoft Teams
PPM Express Milestone Details Popup

Real-time, Data-Driven Status Reports


Support decision-making process in your organization with accurate data you can trust: with PPM Insights executives rely on project statuses generated by AI that reflect objective, data-driven actual state of the projects.

Efficient Resource Management in Microsoft Teams


With PPM Express advanced project resource planning module you can create and manage resource plans for your projects in Microsoft Teams, forecast the workload, view utilization and find available resources when your need them the most.

PPM Express Resource Planning


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Integrated Portfolio Management for Microsoft Project Online

Intelligent Anomaly Detection

Replace opinion-based statuses with equitable, data-driven status forecasting system that calculates realistic project statuses automatically and allows for the early detection of anomalies and issues on projects.

Integrated PPM for Portfolio Visibility

See disconnected information from multiple tools in one place by integrating projects from Microsoft Project Online, Azure DevOps, Jira Software, Microsoft Planner with PPM Express and get instant access to the ‘big picture’ of all the work managed in the organization.

Project Financials

Create and manage budgets, forecasts, actual costs for Microsoft Project Online projects and portfolios with advanced project financial management module that helps control project budget effectively.

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