Automated MS Planner Time

PPM Express|Time is a simple automated timesheet software for Microsoft Planner. The application generates suggested work time entries depending on the user activity in Planner. You may have numerous tasks in multiple plans, and it’s difficult to remember everything you’ve been working on, that’s why PPM Express|Time is about automation this process. No more manual entry on your daily timesheets!

Automate Time Tracking today
Automated time tracking tool

Office 365 Planner Time Tracker: Highlights

Microsoft Planner time tracking
Connect Planner

Connect your Office 365 account to PPM Express|Timeand, and it will automatically suggest Microsoft Planner time entries when you work in it: create tasks, mark tasks as complete, complete milestones etc. No need to remember all you do during your work day – PPM Express|Time tracks your activity and suggests submitting it to your timesheet.

Automated time tracking software - integrations
Automate Time Reporting

Sign up for PPM Express|Time and forget about handcrafted time reporting on Microsoft Planner activity: enjoy automated Planner time reporting, where all you need is to approve or dismiss suggested time entries generated by our app. Fill in your daily timesheets with no hassle, quickly and easily!

Automated time tracking
Focus On What Matters

The timesheets solution we offer allows for automated time tracking not just in MS Planner, but in many other apps used by modern organizations: Office 365 apps, Azure DevOps, Zendesk, Github, etc. Let your teams focus on their work and stop worrying about daily reports. Save time and simplify work routine for your teams!

How It Works

Automated time tracking software
Automated time tracking
1. Discover
Automated time tracking
2. Suggest Entry
Automated time tracking
3. Accept and Save
Automated time tracking
4. Learn and Improve

Track Time You Spend on Your Tasks in Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Outlook time tracking
Completed Tasks

Looking for Office 365 Planner time tracking solution? Track how much time you spend on tasks you mark as completed in Microsoft Planner!

Features: MS Planner Time Reporting

Slide Smart Timesheets PPM Express Time enables organizations with smart time tracking where employees' timesheets are generated based on their activity in apps they use daily for work. Time tracking software Slide Multiple Data Sources The application integrates with multiple third-party software products, such as Office 365 apps, VSTS. Zendesk etc, and collects time reporting entries based on user activity. Time tracking software Slide Power BI Dashboards Graphic-rich Power BI reports and dashboards will give executives valuable insights about resource utilization in organization. Time tracking software Slide Data Filtering Simple and flexible filters will help you manage time reports by employee, project or date range. Time tracking software Slide Employee Progress Bars Let your staff check on their progress and get personal time reports for better productivity. Time tracking software Slide Project Import Import projects from time reporting from connected third-party systems. Time tracking software Slide User Management Assign your users with specific roles with full or limited access to time reporting data and other features. Time tracking software

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