Project Intake Form

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Many companies work on a task-to-task basis and allow their clients to order a particular product. This is why it is essential for such a company to obtain information about what the client wants. That is where a project intake form comes in.

Project managers in many companies use the intake form to gather relevant information before agreeing to take on the client. If you oversee projects in a company, you must understand it. So here is a guide that will help you.

A project intake form contains multiple questions that a potential client must answer. It is designed by project managers to understand what a customer wants. Not only that, but the questions help you to learn about the budget that the client has.

This also helps managers achieve relevant information about the potential project. For instance, it includes the features that the client wants in the product. Additionally, it contains the time for completion.

Once project managers know all this information, they determine whether to take on the potential client. In today’s era, most project intake forms are digital.

What Should A Project Intake Form Include?

If you are planning to make a project intake form for your company, here is what you must include in it:

1. Customer Information Section

The questionnaire must include this section so that your company can easily communicate with the client. It is also a good thing to ask for a client’s website in this section. This is because it can help you align your tasks with the customer’s values.

2. Project Type Section

As a project manager, you must understand what the client wants in their product. That is where this section will help you with. By including questions asking about the specifics of the project, you can manage it well. It will also help you ensure that you can provide the service that the client needs.

3. Budget Section

This is an integral thing to know before agreeing to the client’s demands. That is because the budget they have will help you decide how many resources you can use. Not only that, but it allows you to form a quote for the proposal.

4. Deadline Section

A deadline is an essential thing to know for all projects. As a manager, you will have to assign tasks to your team and their completion time. This is why knowing the overall deadline can help you create a suitable timeline.

Reasons To Use A Project Intake Form

If you are a project manager or a company owner, here are the top reasons to use project intake forms:

1. Offers Consistency

A project intake form helps obtain all information about the client’s requirements. It also allows both parties to know what to expect. Thus, it provides consistency in a project.

2. Enables Automation

The client may request processes that can be automized while keeping human input in mind. Thus, the project intake form can help you learn about that. Automation will also help you give the client more freedom over the service ordering process.

Project Intake Form
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