Product Stack

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Product stacks are the applications, technologies, and other resources that product managers use to bring products to market. This word comes from the development community. In the development community, team toolkits are often called “development stacks” or “technology stacks.” A product stack is a set of options or tools that product managers use to bring products to market. It is also known as the Development Stack, Toolkit, or Technology Stack. The tools in the stack are divided into different ways.

Product Stack

Simply put, a product stack is a collection of tools that enable the company to collect, analyze, and respond to user-created data within its application.

If the teams are product experts, the company will know that most applications can sign up, log in, and do many activities to realize the product’s core value. Moreover, in a well-implemented application, each step is an “event,” and all relevant details are recorded. By knowing these details, product managers can improve their experience for future users.

Tools In the Product Stack

These include analytics software to track user behavior, applications to load map progress, programming languages, consumer surveys, software (or hardware) to record consumer interviews, and market research papers written by experts. It includes messaging applications to collaborate, and office-based programs to promote communication and presentation. Project management software, organizational mechanisms for concept collection, and collaboration. Visualization tools, process flowcharts, and design applications for prototyping.

It is necessary to understand that the product stack is unique to each business and comprises a variety of resources (although factors such as product analysis, tracking, and roadmap should always be taken into account).

Product Stack Tools

  • User tracking and analysis application
  • Roadmap software: One example is Product Plan’s dedicated roadmap app
  • A customer survey tool
  • Recording app for customer interviews: An example is an online meeting app that can record audio conferencing and video chats.
  • Industry research report: Product teams can gain critical business intelligence from market research by industry analysts such as Forrester and Gartner.
  • Team Chat Apps: Many Team Messaging apps exist, but experts encourage product managers to find solutions that provide file sharing and other collaboration tools.
  • Presentation software

Product Stacks Improve the Efficiency of Product Teams

Product teams need the right resources to get their products to market. By identifying and deploying the right resources called product stacks, product teams can work smarter and create the products that target markets’ demands.

Members of the product community are a great resource to understand what tools are best for their product stack.

Important Takeaways From the Product Stack

  • While data is at the core of good product management, most companies are not mature enough and miss opportunities.
  • Product stacks have many elements and have evolved rapidly over the years, but can be divided into three essential buckets: collection, analysis, and behavior.
  • Collecting is the process of recording clean data in an orderly manner, using in-house tools, and customer data platforms.


Product Managers benefit from a variety of aids from their product stacks. Tools, technology, and other resources give managers valuable market insights to help teams create products that fit their target markets. Tools to do the work product manager need, including prototyping, road mapping, and industry research, enable a smooth and efficient workflow and improve product release quality. Product stacks include road maps, customer surveys, industry surveys, communications (internal and external), user tracking, project management, and prototyping. The tools needed by each team should be identified as early as possible in the development process, but other tools can be deployed in the middle.

Product Stack
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