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Feedback is a possibility that happens when the outcome of a system is used as input to the system and is part of the causal chain. It changes the variables in the system, resulting in different outputs and, therefore, different feedback, which may be good or bad. Customer feedback is a collection of criticisms a product, service, or brand receives from users and customers. This criticism can be positive or negative because both are useful to business. It can also be collected in both active and passive ways.

Feedback is when a company’s users share their experiences and satisfaction with its product. Customer feedback is information the customer provides about whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with the product or service and their general experience at the company. Their advice is to improve the customer experience and tailor product team actions to their needs. This particular type of feedback is collected in various ways, often around a product target, such as product launch, product development pipeline, user entry, or even user testing (i.e., introducing new services, features, and upgrades).

Why Is Feedback Important?

As a result of the data revolution, feedback will be critical for all industries in 2021. Every company has access to large amounts of data from their customers and users, which customers now want their business to use. It means personalized experiences, meeting expectations, and tailoring company service to the right level.

However, the software industry has the most to gain from investing in customer feedback. It is because the industry relies on iterative product development. Unlike physical products, digital products can and should be regularly updated and improved.

How does the product manager know what improvements to make? Incorporate customer feedback into his development process.

What Are the Types and Examples of Customer Feedback?

Generally, there are three types of customer feedback.

  • Product: Product feedback is a comment or criticism of the company product itself. Examples include its ease of use, what company users expect it to have, and what may not work as expected.
  • Customer Service: Customer service feedback is a comment or criticism of customer support services. Examples include direct interaction with the customer support team, FAQs, and knowledge articles on the company website.
  • Marketing and Sales: This one includes comments or criticism of marketing materials. An example of this is to ensure that marketing materials have set appropriate expectations.

How Does Feedback Software Help?

What the customer feedback software does is it simplifies the feedback process for the company and its users. Feedback software is a pre-built solution that saves company time. Moreover, these pre-built solutions are generally well optimized to make them accessible for company customers.

Feedback Helps the Company Measure Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are the key factors determining a company’s financial performance. It is directly linked to many interests, such as increasing market share, reducing costs, or increasing revenues. Many investigations have proved the close link between client satisfaction and business performance. So make sure customers are happy with company products and services, no doubt.


Satisfied customers will stay with the company. Dissatisfied customers will end up with better options than business and leave. Customer feedback helps the product manager determine whether his customer is satisfied with his service and where he should improve. With regular consultation, a product manager can always keep his pulse. Whenever an unhappy client expresses his disappointment, the product team can immediately respond and find a solution to the problem. It is a perfect moment to win back a client and even increase his loyalty.

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