Definition Of Done

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The process of product and software development is not linear. That is because you keep using feedback to tweak the product for the end-users. Because of this, it can be challenging to define a point where you need to get to be successful. All product managers must agree on the Definition of Done (DoD) to achieve consensus on initiatives, projects, and features. Here is a complete dive into DoD.

Definition Of Done Explained

The DoD includes a checklist containing a set of items that the team must complete before completing a user story or project. The team has to use the list consistently because it separates things from being under work to do. Most DoD checklists will vary between organizations.

However, here is an example of what most DoD checklists contain:

  • Peer-review of code
  • Check-in of code
  • Deployment of code for environment testing
  • Feature and code pass regression testing
  • Feature and code pass smoke testing
  • Documentation of code
  • Update of help documentation
  • Stakeholders accepted the features

Of course, each organization will have its unique DoD checklist. However, the aim will be the same. That is, to ensure the code is doing what it’s supposed to.

Why Product Managers Must Focus On The Definition Of Done

Here are the top reasons why product managers must focus on DoD:

1. Avoiding Conflict And Miscommunication

All product and software managers must focus on the definition of DoD. That is because no one knows whether something is done or not unless you define it. If you leave this definition open to interpretation, it will cause miscommunication, misunderstanding, and conflict between the teams.

Besides that, the user experience might be harmful and impact your revenue. That is why you must set the criteria for the DoD before you begin the sprint. It will help everyone be on the same page as the entire will share the same vision.

2. Team Focuses On Innovation

Once you define the parameters of the DoD, no one in the organization will experience confusion. Because of this, your team can put their innovation to work to create the best product or software. Your team will focus on their tasks and responsibilities without arguing about the DoD.

So, set DoD parameters to get the most out of your team and encourage creativity and innovation. It will help you create a successful product and save time.

3. Save Time And Resources

Leaving the DoD open to interpretation will lead to confusion, which means your team will potentially waste their time and resources as they figure out what to do. Because of this, there will be no issues in the entire process. So, to save time and resources and streamline the process, you can set the DoD.

Final Words

That is everything you need to know about the definition of done. Many managers might ignore this, but optimizing the development process is one of the most important things. It will unify your team and guarantee the completion of goals.

Definition Of Done
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