Customer Feedback Portal

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The Customer Feedback Portal is an app, widget, or website that allows companies to provide business feedback at any time. The primary use of the idea portal is to have external users provide feedback, but it can also be used to manage all input from other sources. Just write down company feedback and enter it in the portal. On the other hand, the feedback portal must be easy to find and use at any time. The ideal portal is an external website where users can log in and leave ideas for feature suggestions, product improvements, or general feedback in short notes.

Customer Feedback Portal

The Customer Feedback Portal allows Product Managers to validate ideas for the most promising features and gather new ideas from customers at scale. Once a part is released, all customers who request it will be automatically notified, and the company can celebrate the released feature and close the feedback loop. Take the first step toward developing customer-centric goods with the latest free client feedback portal.

The benefits of having a feedback portal:

  • One place to store feedback
  • Companies can get feedback regularly (not just when you send a survey).
  • Ability to ask customers specific questions and interact with them
  • Quickly and automatically categorize their feedback

How Does a Company Create Its Portal to Collect Customer Feedback?

Maximum business comes from existing customers, so knowing what they are looking for is essential. The product team can use the free website feedback tool to create a portal site or custom code something. Accessible and affordable portals that do not require custom coding are the best option. Custom coding can be time-consuming and costly, but the company can set up its portal as it wants.

How to Notify Customers About Portal Site?

Of course, creating and customizing a customer feedback portal is just the beginning. Customers need to know that the portal exists.

It would help if the company used multiple communication channels to launch a new portal easily accessible to its customers. Here are some ideas:

Email Notifications

Send broadcast emails to email subscribers. The product team can distribute it to the entire list or segment it only to customers who have been on the menu for more than two months.

In-app widgets

Many feedback tools let the product team know they can send feedback when logged in using in-app widgets. This widget is a small tab; when the user clicks it, it moves to the idea board.

In-Site Pop-Ups

The first-week product team launches the Customer Feedback Portal; Poptin’s pop-up will notify website visitors. Set this pop-up to appear after 90 seconds of access to the company’s website.

Website Banners Notice

A small, thin banner is placed at the top of the website to provide visitors with a link to the portal. The company can post this on its website for a week or two.

Email Magazine Footer

Please provide feedback to the customer by posting a link to the portal in the email magazine footer.

Blog Post Announcement

Create a blog post to announce a new portal. The product team can combine it and accord it on social media.

Method for Classifying and Managing Submitted Feedback

Companies collect feedback through a dedicated portal, making the process easy. If the product team gets feedback from other places, such as social media comments, manually add the idea to the board and keep it all in one place.

The company will consider whether the ideas it has received are worth working on.

  • Plan a weekly or bi-weekly team meeting with all company stakeholders about its feedback.
  • If the product team plan to address that proposal, the company should tell its customer. If the product team can handle it in a few days, they can tell them when the companies did. If it demands several weeks or months, you will comment on the ideas submitted by the other party and let them know the approximate schedule.
  • To communicate product improvements to all customers
  • The product manager needs to share with the person who provided the feedback and inform all customers about product updates.


Feedback Portal is an excellent tool for product managers to collect and manage customer feedback. Whether a company is sharing with an end customer or with a specific team within its business, the feedback portal assists it in staying at the peak of its customer’s most fundamental requirements.                 

The announcement role is enabled for this. If the company does not want to create an announcement role, it can also create a category of blog posts called “Announcements.” Regardless of the size of the presentation, the product team can create a new article for each presentation.

Customer Feedback Portal
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