Beta Test

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The Beta test refers to providing the end-user with the software product, and the intent to test it. In beta testing, the actual user uses the software product for a specified period and indicates bugs, issues, and errors. The software companies distribute their product to the user before releasing them for public use. If the user finds problems in the software, it is sent back to production, and all the errors are resolved. The beta test is done again unless the product becomes flawless.

Beta Test

Software testing is one of the integral steps in the Software Development Life Cycle. It ensures the company delivers a quality product and does what it was supposed to do. To ensure that the software product solves the problems of its users in the desired way, many types of testing are done, such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and regression testing. Beta testing is one of them.

What Is Beta Testing?

When a software product is a Beta tested, the product is given to the end-users to use for a certain period. If the end user feels that the software needs some improvements or detects any errors, they report it to the product team. The product team then resolves the issues, and the product is again given to the testers. This process continues unless the product becomes flawless. Once the beta testers are satisfied with the product, it is released to be used by the public.

Let’s see who are beta testers:

Who Are Beta Testers?

Beta Testers are the end-users for whom a particular product was made. They include the current customers, current users, or paid beta testers. They usually do not know much about the backend and do not have access to the source code.

The product team can decide how they want to test their product. They can either hire the beta testers or provide the product to the current users with a message informing them about the beta version and getting their feedback.

Types of Beta Test:

Although there are many types of them, the most common are:

  • Open
  • Closed

Open Beta Test

In an open type, anyone can participate in the trial. The software product is made public with a message letting the users know that this is the Beta version and a way to give their feedback. This type of testing is done when we want to get quantitative feedback from the users. Famous companies such as Facebook and Google use this type of Beta testing to add a new feature to their products.

Closed Beta Test

In a closed type, only a specified number of people can participate. The product is given to the selected people who use it and report any issues. This type is suitable when the scope is limited. Usually, the closed one is done before the open beta test.

The Need for Beta Testing

Once we know what it is, let’s understand why we need it. The Product managers use beta testing to ensure that they provide their customers with a quality product and effectively solve their problems. Furthermore, most issues are resolved through it, and performance testing is automatically done as so many users use the beta version of a product simultaneously.

Beta Test
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