PPM Express Digest: What’s new in May 2022?

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Recently, we released PPM Express v10.2, this release was focused primarily on bug fixes and improvements that were affecting the performance and stability of PPM Express.

In this release notes, we will highlight several new great features to PPM Express.

This May, we have added various new great features to PPM Express.

Azure DevOps import was redesigned for easier navigation

Azure DevOps import

It is now possible to easily select the projects and the work items for importing to PPM Express as projects or programs. It is also possible to preserve the hierarchy when the Azure DevOps project will be imported as a program and its work items will be imported as projects included in this program.

This applies to the items even if the first item (for example Azure DevOps project) was imported earlier and is already added to the current version.

Also, we have added the ‘Search’ option so that you could quickly find your Azure DevOps project and filters to sort the work items and quickly find the ones you want to import to PPM Express.

Create PPM Express items from the roadmap key dates and bars

PPM Express Roadmap

From now on PPM Express provides an ability to create items from the roadmap bars (Projects, Programs, Tasks, Objectives, Ideas, etc.) and key dates (Key date, Milestone, Release).

You can now easily create your roadmap and push the roadmap items to PPM Express for further planning and implementation.

The synchronization of the ‘Tags’ field for key dates based on tasks mapping was added

Before: ‘Tags’, ‘Description’, and other custom fields could be edited manually for the key dates imported from external systems.

Now: ‘Tags’, and ‘Description’ fields for the imported key dates are synchronized from the external systems, based on the task mapping performed on the Import page (task mapping fields rules will be also applied to the imported key dates).

This applies to key dates imported from Azure DevOps and Jira. For the key dates imported from Planner, only the ‘Tags’ field can be synchronized.

For the key dates imported from Project Online, both ‘Tags’ and ‘Description’ fields will remain editable (will not be synchronized).

Also, this rule applies to the key dates created from tasks in PPM Express (marked with a flag ‘Is Milestone’). ‘Tags’ and ‘Description’ field values for the task set as milestones will be synchronized and will not be editable.

The logic of saving the last selection choice of how the information is displayed on the PPM Express roadmap dashboard page changed  

Before: When you selected a column width/ views/ timescales/ timeframe/ sorting/ filters on the Roadmap Dashboard page, these changes were reset to default when you closed PPM Express and re-opened it.  

Now: When you change a column width/views, etc., on the page, these changes will be saved if you switch between the carriers or re-open the application itself.  


PPM Express Digest: What’s new in May 2022?
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